We are not dead?!

Posted by: AltraWave7 on Fri 27 Oct 06:40

No we are not dead, in fact we are still here for the foreseeable future believe it or not!

However our forums are out of date and due for a major update. So until that update can be implemented we have temporarily disabled the ability to register new user accounts to prevent any bot or malicious accounts from targeting our users or causing trouble or damage to the site.

Once the new forum is up and running we will reactive the ability for new user accounts, until then anyone that wants to join will have to lurk as a guest. The site has been really slow so we don't foresee this as being a major problem.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we make this transition, and until next time. Stay safe out there!


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We made it...Fallout 4.

Posted by: AltraWave7 on Thu 11 Jun 00:52

Well we did it, Fallout 4 is here and so is The Radiated Society!

I'm not sure how much longer the site will be here, with little to no traffic and only the last few of us hard core community members holding on T.R.S. may not see the release of Fallout 4 but that's okay, it was fun while it lasted.

I feel like I have written a few of these "swan song" news posts, and so far have been pleased to get the chance to write another. Perhaps I'll get to write another news post on Fallout 4's release day, or a week or so after. I look forward to that day and hope that T.R.S. is there to celebrate it, even if it's only two or three of us around.

Thank you for fighting the good fight all these years, and I'll see you in the Wasteland fellow Vault Dwellers.


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A few changes...no we're not dead yet!

Posted by: AltraWave7 on Tue 8 Apr 05:03

Well once again The Radiated Society Preservation Committee has kicked into high gear and sealed and preserved another batch of threads.

This time however this latest preservation pass has also brought about a small change. The News section on the forum has been downsized to just one room. The Fallout News Room was renamed simply the News Room and all topics that were older than 4 years were processed as per the Preservation Committee's guidelines.

The Forum Games threads have also been moved into the Preservation Facilities, and the Room has been removed.

Thank you all for your participation on the site and lets keep your forum going so that the Preservation Committee doesn't catch up to us!


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As we wind down 2013...

Posted by: AltraWave7 on Fri 6 Dec 07:23

...and enjoy the various Holiday's this time of year brings I'm compelled to write the first and most likely only News Post of 2013 on TRS.

It seems odd to see the old 2012 and beyond post on the front page still, and it makes me pause and take a look at how slow this site has gotten. It seems like only a short time ago that there were a dozen or more active members here on the forums. Now we are down to single digits, with new posts coming in sporadically and with longer and longer gaps of inactivity.

I know I will be criticized by the last few active members for writing this however I don't think it can be denied any longer. The Radiated Society is no more. No longer is this one of the few remaining beacons of hope in the desolate Wasteland, now it is merely the irradiated remains of a once great community that has fallen into disrepair and ruin. Those few of us still here are just holding on, trying to survive on the few remaining scraps that remain.

I don't know how much longer this site will be here, the cold embrace of the digital reaper grows ever closer and its icy hand will one day drag http://www.stgfc.com down into the dead domain advertisement hell that awaits all expired domains. So before that day comes I'd just like to say thank you to all the past and current members of The Radiated Society for all the fond memories. Thank you to the Fallout Community for all the years of entertainment, and finally a thank you to the Fallout Modding community for allowing me to be a part of two of the great projects of their time. Rest in peace FanMadeFallout, I'm still sad to this day you never made it. Also to Mutants Rising, which is still in development and going strong!

So for as long as it lasts I'll be here, watching out for any who get lost in the Wasteland and stumble into our community and either welcome them in or help them along on their way. As we all know nothing last forever and all good things come to an end, but there is one thing we all as Fallout Fans can count on never changing...war, because as you all know. "War never changes..."

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2012 and Beyond

Posted by: AltraWave7 on Mon 2 Jan 07:24

Happy New Year and welcome to 2012, as a new year dawns and we all shake of the dust of the last year we here at The Radiated Society look forward to a fresh start and all the possibilities the future have in store for us all.

This site has been in a slow death spiral for the last two or so years. The last news post was on February 9th of 2011, almost a year ago. Unfortunately this is a sign of the times, the smaller/older Fallout Fan sites are slowly falling away into obscurity and or oblivion, never to be seen again. We have managed to keep the site out of the nonexistence of oblivion thus far and hope to for a few more years to come.

We have tried to keep the community alive, but as we all move on to new and exciting things, as our schedules become more hectic and full and as we find less time to spend here the site has slowly spun down to stagnation and inactivity. The Community is barley alive with only about 6-7 active members.

Over the past few years plans to revamp the site, to update its look and back end to include additional functionality and new features have all been planned and even worked on (very extensively in some cases). Even redirecting the url straight to the forums to help hide the unused front page (which has not been implemented as of this post). Unfortunately these plans have never been implemented only adding to the appearance of death to the site.

As this new year begins it's hard to imagine that things will ever return to the activity levels of three or four years ago. We all hope that if you are reading this that you stop in on the forums and join in our conversations. New members are always welcome!

However realizing that all good things must come to an end we hold out hope that we can push off that end for another few years and ask you to join us, it's not just about Fallout in our Forum, in fact it's mostly just some friends hanging out sharing stories and having fun, so please feel free to join in. Never fear however we still know our Fallout, and enjoy many other games as well.

The Radiated Society Preservation Committee was established to house all the old memories of the community. With user activity as low as it's been this area has now expanded and grown. Let's all work to create many more memories to file away in the Committee's Halls.

Thank you to all our members over the years for contributing to our community, for sharing your good and bad times and allowing us to share in your lives. To any future members we look forward to your arrival!

We hope you have a safe, productive and exciting 2012 and that you will join in with us for the ride.


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Posted by: AltraWave7 on Wed 9 Feb 01:38

No The Radiated Society is not dead, even if all signs point to that most logical of conclusions.

Actually perhaps T.R.S. died and now we are back in Zombie form! :think:

Nah that isn't true either, unfortunately we are no longer as active as we once were. With so many other Fallout Fan sites out there these days it seems that TRS has been passed over for younger prettier sites. Well that and most of our users are/were Fallout 1&2 fans and they have gone on to other things, real life has taken many of our members from us, we will never forget them.

With Fallout 3 and New Vegas out and our activity still almost flat lining it seems that the sun has set on The Radiated Society. However there are a small handful of us that will continue to meander around the empty halls of our Vault.

With that said if you are interested in joining in on our random off the wall conversations please feel free to sign up on the forum and help us try and keep this place open just a little longer so that T.R.S. doesn't join all those other Fallout Fan Sites of old in Golgotha.

Also, if you somehow managed to miss it, the first Fallout: New Vegas D.L.C. "Dead Money" will be on PC & PS3 on Feb 22nd. So grab a Nuka Cola and a hand full of Rad Away and get ready to venture forth into the Wasteland once again.


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Fallout New Vegas

Posted by: AltraWave7 on Mon 8 Feb 05:21

Is it "Fallout: New Vegas", or "Fallout New Vegas"?

Anyway, no we are not dead, yes people (however few) still roam the forums here, and we couldn't even begin to keep up with NMA or the Fallout Wiki on the new news so I'll just point you to them for all your Fallout News.

However with the first teaser trailer for New Vegas up and all the subsequent talk and speculation out there I though we had to at least acknowledge it with a news post. Also this gives me a chance to point out that we have a new Fallout New Vegas forum section so head on in and give us your thoughts on the next Fallout Game.

Official site for Fallout New Vegas


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Creative Consultant Newsround

Posted by: Rad on Thu 8 Feb 11:18

Creative Consultant Newsround

Newsround No.2, 8/2/2007.

Welcome to the Second Creative Consultant Newsround of 2007, brought to you by Rad, Executive Consultant to the Fearless Leader of the Creative Consultancy, Phauxe Kitsune. After the packed newsround last week, we’ve had a much quieter creative week on The Radiated Society. Sketch Friday was indeed rather disappointing this week with only our Pun Emperor, Bucky Goldberg, saving us from drawing a complete blank and in fact he did a little ‘drawing’ of his own as you will find out. My own excuse is that I was up to 3:41am trying to read ‘Heart of Darkness’ for my English class, I fell asleep, my alarm rang twenty minutes later and I spent the next four hours writing an essay on how post-colonial literature is wrong to identify Conrad’s work as a racist text, spent half-an-hour on a bus, spent a further hour at the English tutorial, spent another half-hour on a bus before falling asleep for the next nineteen hours. Eh sorry, it would have taken less time to say my excuse was that my English tutor’s a babe.

Luckily in spite of the schedule, fan-fiction continued to roll into the TRS Library in the form of poetry and fiction and saved us from having an All-Nav Newsround. Thank you Jesus. Also we have the final Skittle nomination list ready and the Creative Skittles and a link to the Award thread will be published at the end of this newsround.

Finally here’s a reminder of the upcoming Friday schedule. Next Friday is a Fan-Fic Friday and although Sketch Friday was more Fan-Fic than Sketch that should still be honoured. Keep those fictions coming in and start writing your funny stuff for the Sketch Friday on February 16th.

February 9 - Fan-Fic Friday
February 16 - Sketch Friday
February 23 - Fan-Fic Friday
March 2 - Sketch Friday
March 9 - Fan-Fic Friday
March 16 - Sketch Friday
March 23 - Fan-Fic Friday
March 30 - Sketch Friday
April 6 – Fan-Fic Friday

This Week in Puns


Navarro’s Pun Empire has become famous for the way it tackles issues that really matter in this society. Indeed only last week, he examined such controversial subjects such as nymphomania and the break-up of relationships as well as voicing his concern over the tendency for young Jewish men to join ‘Cowboy gangs’, who ride around suburban America on horses, shoot their rifles wildly in the air and terrorize locals. This week Nav continues this focus on our world’s problems by looking at the morality of sport that is based on male violence. I do not want to ruin the plot for you but I will say it made me greatly question my own preference for sports such as boxing and wrestling. Also, it was very funny.

The Poetry Level*


With all our other poets looking forward to the next Fan-Fic Friday, Iguana Bob unusually published his new work on Sketch Friday and created one of the more unusual poems to be seen on the Society. ‘Oh, Haemoglobin’ is a very enjoyable humanisation of those little (god bless Wikipedia) iron-containing oxygen-transport metalloprotein in the red blood cells of the blood in vertebrates and other animals. It’s a very interesting poem and funny too, the little touches of spontaneity such as ‘This is the compulsory forth stanza’ really add to the poem. Even if you don’t know what a Bohr shift is, and I certainly don’t, you’ll completely accept the poem as everything strange about it makes sense in its own little world.

*(poetry received after 6th February will be covered in next week’s Newsround)

A Character Development Sketch


This week Zed wrote a ‘character development sketch’ which is a pretty bland name for the eye-popping cornucopia of light, death and destruction that he published on Friday. It is a new fantasy story about a traumatised and newly-orphaned young boy whose screams of grief are so strong they awaken the Goddess Alanir. Her terrible offer of ‘help’ leads to the death of all in the vicinity of his village, both villains and victims, and Alanir is cursed with incredible but deadly powers he may struggle to control. I really enjoyed it and it definitely has real potential if it can work around the problems that come with a character who seems impossibly powerful, though I’m sure it will and not turn into that awful ‘Jedi of Unsurpassable Power’ nonsense I wrote for a Galactic Battlegrounds campaign. The body count for this piece is also very impressive, most likely reaching into the thousands in only 500 words, hopefully we’ll see if Zed will keep that amount of killing in a continuation of Alanir’s story.

Photo-Editing Skills!


Not much to say here, just that Nav now possesses the ability the flood a city which is an extremely cool development in the usually ‘Draw-a-moustache-on-Sharp’s-head’ photo-editing tradition. Most photo-editing is for purposes of humour, so why not try and draw a few for Sketch Friday on February 16th. Doesn’t need to be anything fancy, see any Crude Bitmap or Iguana Bob Comic to see that crude is funny.


The final list of nominates for the Skittles has been confirmed...


Also, I’ve had problems with my internet laptop since Monday, liquid was spilt over the keyboard and now the keyboard’s slightly buggered. Most of the keys do work, the laptop is otherwise fine and I’ve got internet access in university but I can’t create new graphics for headlines at the moment, and if certain headlines can’t have them, then I think it looks better to not have any. If I get the fallout font onto my non-internet laptop, the graphics will return though. Sorry for the inconvenience.

And that concludes the second Creative Consultant Newsround of the New Year.

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