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Fallout 2 Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  1. Character Creation
  2. Arroyo
  3. Klamath
  4. The Den
  5. Modoc
  6. Vault City
  7. Gecko
  8. New Reno
  9. Sierra Army Depot
  10. New California Republic (NCR)
  11. Vault 15
  12. Vault 13
  13. Military Base
  14. Return to Arroyo
  15. Return to The Den
  16. Redding
  17. Return to Gecko
  18. The Raiders
  19. Return to Vault City
  20. Broken Hills
  21. Return to New Reno
  22. Return to New California Republic
  23. Return to Broken Hills
  24. Return to Redding
  25. San Francisco
  26. Navarro
  27. Return to San Francisco
  28. Enclave

Character Creation

1. Suggested By: Scotty the Great
Raise your Strength to 6, leave Perception at 5, raise Endurance to 7, raise Charisma, Intelligence, and Agility all to 6, and lower your luck to 4. Choose Big Guns, Energy Weapons, and Lockpick for your tag skills, and Bloody Mess and Chem. Resistant for your Perks.

2. Suggested By: Radioactive Rob
Go for a guy who's got good Intelligence and fighting ability.

3. Suggested By: Slurrydevil
Go for a high Intelligence, good Charisma, and keep an ok Endurance. Choose the Gifted perk. For traits, go with Steal, Speech, and Big Guns.

4. Suggested By: Aphex100
Go with high Perception and Luck. Be sure to take Small Guns, Energy Weapons, and Melee as tag skills. For Perks, take Gifted and Small Frame. It's hard to survive with this character at first, but once you get a hunting rifle, you'll fuck shit up with eye and head shots.

5. Suggested By: bdjnk
Select Gifted as a Perk, and raise your Intelligence to 10. You'll be able to make up for lack of ability with the additional skill points that you get for each level.

6. Suggested By: SL
If you want to be a mean character you should be a girl with the sex appeal trait and with the gifted skill. You should have 4 Strength, 8 or 9 Perception, 5 Endurance, a lot of Intelligence, 7 Charisma, and 7 Luck.

7. Suggested By: Daniel Picher

Traits: Tag Skills:

8. Suggested By: Arcanus

Balanced Character
Stats: Traits: Tag Skills: Description:
This character will allow you to do most of the cool quests and use all the good stuff.

Stats: Traits: Tag Skills: Description:
You'll want such high luck because it increases the chance of a critical. Always do aimed shots, if it is possible to hit that is, and aim for the HEAD. EVEN if you have 95% to hit the eyes. Let me explain. If you hit someone in the head (doesnt matter what weapon you are using, you can even use unarmed) theres a great chance for instant death if you make a critical hit. If you have the sniper perk (which you WILL have, but it has a high level requirement) you're really deadly. This is also very useful in the unarmed quest in San Fran. Just aim for the head all the time, you'll get a critical hit almost immeadiately (if you aim your shots, the critical chance is higher) and he'll die of instant death, bwahhahaaa. I don't think this works on horrigan.

Also, note that the sniper is nothing for a beginner.

9. Suggested By: Danoth Dragon God

Stats: Traits: Tag Skills: Description:
At higher levels the bonus from finesse is useless because of eye shots. The stat boosts and luck upgrade are a requirement. This is not a beginner's character.

10. Suggested By: Gauss
Go with 10 Agility, 7 Perception, 6 Endurance, 5 Strength for non-melee characters (6-8 maximum for melee characters), 9 Intelligence, and 3-5 Charisma. Even two Charisma is good because you can get the memory card and the perk to increase it to four, plus with Magnetic Personality you can still have 3 NPCs, which is enough. If you want a non-melee character, tag small guns or energy weapons along with science and/or lockpick. If you want a melee character, then tag big guns and unarmed (so your strength should be high for both of these skills). For traits, pick Gifted and whatever other one you want.

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1. You start out in the Temple of Trials in Arroyo. This place is pretty simple. Just arm yourself with the spear, and kill everything that comes across your path. Be sure to search any containers, pots, and other things that you encounter, and take whatever you can. If you search the dead scorpions, you can take their tails, but I usually don't do this because: 1)they weigh too much and 2)you can't sell them for much money. On one of the doors, you will have to use your lockpick skill to get past it.

2. After a while in the temple, you should come to a door that you seemingly can't get past. However, if you searched everything, then you should have a white explosive device. Place the device in one of your item slots, and then, once out of inventory, click on the device and select a time for detonation. After you do this, the bomb will automatically be placed on the ground. All you have to do is run the other way and don't look back. Once the bomb goes off, go through the door. If you go to up and to your left, you will come to another door which leads to your final challenge. It is a warrior from your town, and all you have to do is fight him until he surrenders. I suggest saving at this point, because there is a chance that you might die. After you defeat him, go back to the door that leads to the room. Outside of the door, there will be a box that has all of your stuff that you had before the fight. Now, proceed back to the room where you fought, and go through the next door. You will then get the Vault 13 suit, and will enter your village.

3. In town, be sure to search everything, and take everything you find. You can talk to Jordon and Lucas, and they might teach you a few things. When you talk to Nagor, he'll tell you that his dog, Smoke, is missing. To find Smoke, go to the upper right of the town, and enter the hunting grounds. Search for the dog in the upper right of the grounds, and click on it to get him to come with you. Return the dog for experience.

4. Next, go talk to Hakunin. He'll tell you that his garden needs to be weeded. Agree to this, and head to his garden to kill the spore plants. I recommend saving before doing this. When the plants attack you, notice that you are not hit all of the time. Once the plants are dead, you should be able to find a few Plant Spikes on the ground. These are simply what the plants were throwing at you.

5. Go to the town well and repair it to gain some additional experience.

6. Head south to the lower part of town where the bridge to leave is. If you have a high enough perception, you should be able to tell that the bridge guard has a sharpened spear. Talk to him, and ask him about the spear. He will offer to sharpen your spear if you can retrieve some flint for him from your aunt. Head north to the first part of town. Continue north, and then head west. You will find your aunt Marla outside a tent here. You can either trade her some healing powders for the flint or convince her to give it to your for free, providing that you have a good enough speech. After you have the flint, return it to the bridge guard to get a sharpened spear.

7. After that, go talk to your village Elder. She will give you a flask from Vault 13, tell you where Klamath is, and give you some money. Be sure to hang on to the flask, because you will need it when you arrive at Vault City

8. Exit the village by heading south, and proceed to Klamath.

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1. Always read the notice boards in every town. On this one, you will find out that Whiskey Bob needs his still refueled, there is a rat problem in Trapper Town, and stuff about Vic.

2. Enter the Buckner House, which is the building right by where you entered town. Talk to Ardin Buckner to find out that Smiley the trapper is missing. Offer to go look for him. Next, speak to Maida Buckner, and ask her about Sulik. After that, speak to Sulik himself. You'll find out that it requires $350 to bail him out, but right now you don't have that much. After speaking with Sulik, talk to Whiskey Bob. Buy him a drink, and then offer to help him out. If you feel you can do this on your own, head south to the hunting grounds. Save before attempting this. The geckos here are vicious, and the still is heavily guarded. However, if you stay behind rocks and sneak around, you should be able to make it to the still. When I was almost to the building, a gecko started to attack me. However, I was able to run into the building and shut the door behind me, keeping the Gecko on the outside. (You might be able to defeat some geckos, but be careful.) The wood is on the floor of the shack. Just pick it up, and then use it on the still.

3. Vic's house is in the upper right of town. Search everything here, and you'll find some good stuff. Next, head to the Golden Gecko. There you should find John L. Sullivan, who will teach you some hand-to-hand combat. Next, talk to the bartender. He might offer you some money for telling him where Bob's still is, but refuse it. Then, barter with him, and sell whatever you want. However, keep the radio that you got from Vic's; it'll come in handy. Next, head to the bathhouse, and try to sell some more stuff.

4. Talk to Tarr, outside of the Buckner's place. He'll tell you about the bugmen, and ask for your help. Agree to help him. All you have to do here is take out all the radscorpions in the place. If the Duntan brothers are there, kill them as well. Once that is done, leave the area.

5. If you killed the Duntan brothers, you can now go into their house (located between the bathhouse and Golden Gecko) and steal whatever you want from them. If they are still alive, wait until night, when they leave. Then, sneak in and steal from them. Next, search the building that's located behind the Duntan house. After that, go to Maida Buckner and barter with her for money. You should then have enough money to free Sulik. At this point in the game, Sulik will be very useful (at least, I thought he was). Also, while talking to Maida, ask her what towns are nearby. She will then give you directions to the Den.

6. Now recruit Sulik if you haven't already done so. If you haven't already done so, go refuel the still.

7. Head to the west. You will enter an area that contains a robot. Approach the robot, and when attacked, run the other way. Sulik will take care of the rest (the robot won't attack him). Then, head back to the main area of town.

8. Head to the south west, and enter Trapper Town. This place is like a maze. Unlock doors, and search everything. You should find a way into the sewers. On the second level of the sewers, you will find the Rat God (I suggest saving here). Kill him, but be careful not to get killed. (He is the first of two Rat Gods in the game). Continue through the sewers, and take whatever you can find (except for rocks, they're useless). You should eventually come to an exit. You will then find a car. Search it, and you will find a fuel-injection system. Keep this item, as it will be useful later in the game.

9. Search everything in Trapper Town thoroughly. You should find two pairs of rubber boots. Give one of the pairs to Sulik. Now, exit Klamath, and head to the Toxic Caves. Kill any geckos that attack you. Be careful in this area, and save often. The boots will protect you from the goo, but they will melt through after a while. Smiley the trapper is on the second floor in a room. Talk to him, and he'll come with you out of the caves. Once he's freed, go back to Klamath. Talk to Ms. Buckner, and get $100 for your reward. Now, talk to Smiley, and he'll teach you how to skin geckos.

10. In the toxic caves, you may have noticed that there is an elevator near the room where Smiley was in. In order to use it, you will have to first repair the generator, and then use an electronic lock pick on the door. I doubt you can get one any time soon, though, so you may want to come back later. Once you unlock the door, be ready for a fight. The floor that the elevator leads to is protected by a Security Bot. It's one hell of a tough robot, so be warned, and save before trying this.

11. Exit Klamath, and head to the Den.

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The Den

1. The bulletin board here gives you directions to most of the places in town. Go talk to Becky and ask her for work, and she will tell you that Fred owes her $200. Accept the job.

2. Next, go speak to Lara. You can find her in the building that's directly south of Tubby's. Ask her for work. She'll give the job of finding out what is inside the church on the east side.

3. Go to the building near the stop sign on the street. Depending on the time of day, Fred might be here. He also hangs out at Becky's sometimes. Talk to him, remind him that he's forgetful, and then he'll pay up. Be generous, and offer to pay half of his debt. Next, talk to Becky, and let her know the job is done. Also, ask Becky for more work. She'll tell you that Derek has a book of hers, and she wants it returned. Accept the job.

4. Go to the East side of the Den. You should notice the church as soon as you enter the area. Talk to Tyler, who is outside the church, and tell him Metzger sent you, and that he wants you to check his stuff. You may have to talk to Tyler more than once before he'll let you in.

5. Now go to the Slaver's Guild, which is just east of the graveyard, and ask about Vic. Then, talk to Metzger. Ask him about Vic, why he's keeping Vic there, and then ask to see Vic. Metzger will agree. Talk to the guy guarding Vic, and tell him to open the door. Next, talk to Vic himself. You'll find out that he needs parts to repair a radio. Give him the radio that you found in his house in Klamath, and then go talk to Metzger again. Ask again why Vic is being kept there, and offer some money to clear things up. Metzger will offer $1000, which you probably don't have yet.

6. Head to the South East portion of the town to find Mom's diner. Talk to Mom, and ask what's there to do in town. She'll tell you to take a meal to Smitty. As always, take the job. Next, speak to Stacey. She'll tell you about her cat. Be nice, and be sure to listen to the whole story. You will gain 200 experience points just for listening. Now talk to Karl. Ask him what his story is, and he'll tell you about his experience at the ghost farm (if he passes out, you will have to come back later and talk to him again). After that, look for Derek. He might be there, he might not. If he is, ask him about the book. He'll say that he didn't like it, and he forgot where he left it. Now, exit the diner.

7. Head to the graveyard, which is right next to the church. In the part of the graveyard that is closest to the church, you will find The Lavender Flower. The book will be simply lying on the ground. Take it, and then head back to the West side.

8. Go talk to Lara, and tell her the job is done. When you try to leave, she will offer you more work. This time, you must find out if it's ok for her to fight Tyler. Accept the job.

9. To the west of Lara's, you will find Smitty's place. Give him the meal from Mom. After that, talk to Smitty again, and tell him about the car part that you found in Klamath. He'll tell you that you need another car part, a fuel cell controller, in order to get the car to work.

10. Go talk to Becky again, and inform her that you completed the job.

11. Head back to the East side and talk to Mom to get a free meal. Next, speak to Metzger, and get permission for Lara to fight Tyler.

12. Now go to Lara's, and tell her that the job is done. Next, ask her for another job. She'll tell you to find a weakness in Tyler's gang.

13. On the West side, talk to Tyler. Find out that his gang is having a party that night. Head back to Lara to report your findings.

14. I would suggest saving at this point. Talk to Lara, and tell her about the party. She'll inform you that you have to help her fight Tyler's gang before you get the money. Agree to this, and you will then be taken to the church for the fight. During the battle, make sure that Lara lives, because otherwise you won't get your money. After the battle, talk to Lara, and get your reward.

15. You should now have enough money to free Vic. However, if you don't, then go talk to one of the merchants and barter for money. Next, go to Metzger's, and give him the money. Go talk to Vic next, and ask him to come with you. He'll gladly accept and join you. Now, tell Vic that you need to ask him something. Ask where he got the Vault 13 water flask. He will tell you he received it from a friend over in Vault City, and then give you directions to the city.

16. There is one more mission that you can complete in The Den. At midnight, a ghost will appear in the building that is South of Lara's. The ghost is looking for her locket. After talking with the ghost, go speak with Mom and ask her about the house. She'll tell you about a gangster named Joey, who used to live there. Joey can be found on the West side, right by the entry to the East side. Tell him that you're looking for him, and say you want info. Ask him about the haunted house, and accuse him of taking the locket. Give him $50, and he'll give you the locket. An alternate solution is just to simply kill him and take the locket. After you have the locket, return it to the ghost. She will then leave the house, and her bones will appear on the floor. Take the bones and carry them to the graveyard next to the church. Examine the gravestones towards the lower right until you find one that is marked 'Anna Winslow.' Dig up the grave, place the bones in it, and then cover the grave. You will gain some experience for completing the task.

17. Leave The Den, and head for Vault City.

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1. On your way to Vault City, you'll come across a green circle, which symbolizes another town. Stop at this town for a friendly visit. You are now in Modoc.

2. Go to the General Store and talk to the guy there to get information about Modoc. Next, tell him that you're looking for an item, and tell him about the GECK. He will say that he knows where one is, so ask him what he wants in return for information about the GECK. He'll tell you about the Ghost Farm, and will give you the task of investigating it. You're reward is to be information on the GECK. Accept the job, and head out for the Ghost Farm.
(**NOTE: If you enter the farm at night, you might be attacked, so I suggest waiting until daytime.)

3. At the Farm, inspect the bodies to find out that they are all fakes. Follow the trial until you reach a small building. Enter this shack, and search the footlockers. Be sure to stay near the wall when passing over the rugs. Now, walk over the center of the rugs to fall into the caves below. Talk to either of the people in the room you fall into, and go peacefully with them to Vegeir. Ask what they want of you, and you'll be given the task of taking a message to Modoc. Agree to help them out. Now, go through the door behind Vegeir, and talk to the guy here to get him to move. Next, climb the ladder and exit the Ghost Farm.

4. Return to Modoc, and talk to the guy at the General Store again. Tell him about what you found out. Be sure to include that the bodies are all fakes, and Karl is in The Den. (If you're asked about the missing boy, Jonny, see below). With that done, ask for your reward. You will learn that there is no information on the GECK to be required here, and you were lied to because of the desperate situation of Modoc. While you're still at the General Store, be sure to purchase some dynamite.

5. Go to the North and enter the other part of town. Once here, head directly East to find a building. Enter it, and talk to the guy here. Ask him about a watch, and tell him that if you come across it, you'll let him know.

6. Head to the outhouse that is North of Farrel's place (the guy looking for his watch). You can open the outhouse cover, and then go into the sewers. I suggest saving here. Put the dynamite in one of your hands, and click it to set the timer. Enter any amount of time that you desire, and then leave. (You may have to put the dynamite near the rocks that are blocking the cave. Also, a lower time is more risky, but you have a better chance of success with lower time.) When you leave, the dynamite should explode. This explosion should blow away the rocks, and open the cave entrance. Follow the cave until you come across a mole rat. Kill this creature, and search the pile of stuff it was guarding to find the watch. You may have to move the mouse over the trash for a while before you find it. Now, leave the sewers, and return the watch to Farrel.

7. Talk to Farrel again, and ask him what he does. He'll tell you about a problem that he's having with his garden. Agree to help him out. He'll then take you to his garden. All you have to do here is kill all of the rats. After the rats are dead, return to Farrel for your reward.

8. Go to Rose's Bed and Breakfast, which is in the same part of town as Farrel's house. Talk to Rose, who is behind the counter. She might say something about you risking you're life for Modoc, and offer you something from the lost and found box. Instead of searching the box, ask for an omelet. After eating, search the lost and found box to the right of the counter. Chances are that there will be nothing in here, but you might get lucky. Then, talk to Rose again. This time, ask for something to eat. Take the Brahmin fries, and find out that if you break the record for eating the most, you're meal will be free. You can try this, but you'll get poisoned after eating them. It's up to you. After that, go down the hall in the building, and talk to Cornelius, who's in the last room. If you say the right things to him, you'll realize that certain words set him off. Keep saying these words repeatedly to find out some interesting information. Next, leave the Bed and Breakfast, and head to the other part of town.

9. Go down and to the east to find the Slaughter House. Outside of the building is a Brahmin with a crippled leg. Use you're doctor skill on her to heal Bess the Brahmin. She'll then follow you wherever you go until you decide to go down a ladder or up stairs. Then, she simply disappears.

10. In the building South of where Bess was, you'll find a man named Grisham (he's the one with the rifle). Talk to him, and then try to leave. He will stop you and offer you a job. The job is to guard a herd of Brahmin from a wild pack of dogs. Agree to the job, and you'll be taken to the Brahmin fields. The dogs will come down from the North to attack. Once you've taken out all of the dogs, return to Grisham for you're reward (you'll lose $100 for each Brahmin that dies). If you want, you can try to marry one of Grisham's kids, but I wouldn't waste my time if I were you.

11. Leave Modoc once again and go back to the Ghost Farm. Talk to Vegeir again, and tell him that Modoc would like to establish trade with them. You will then get a reward. Now, head to the North of the underground to find another portion of the area. There will be a bunch of kids here. Talk to them until you find Jonny. Whatever you do, don't offer him any candy. Once you've found Jonny, go back to Modoc.

12. North of the General Store is the Tannery. Enter the small building, and talk to the blacksmith, Balthas, who is Jonny's father. If you say the right things, you will be given the task of returning Jonny. You'll even get Laddy, the dog there, on your side to help you out.

13. Head back to the Ghost Farm and talk to Jonny again. He'll recognize Laddy, and tell him that his parent's want him back and are worried about him. To be sure that you're not a liar, he'll ask you to tell him the name of his father, which is Balthas. After that, you'll be assigned the task of talking to Vegeir to get the ok for Jonny to leave. Go do this, and then return to Jonny. Escort him to Modoc, and talk to Balthas again. You will probably get a reward, but for the two times that I did this quest, once I got a reward, once I didn't. Go figure.

14. All of the quests for Modoc should now be finished, so leave the town and head to Vault City.

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Vault City

Done By Slurrydevil

1. After you have been to Modoc, head on through to Vault City. If there is one piece of advice I can give you about this place, it is this: DON'T ANNOY THE CITIZENS. If the guards try to move you when it gets dark, do what they say, they are really touchy and will attack on the slightest provocation.

2. When you enter Vault City, walk down the street and stop at the first hut that you come across on your left. Enter, and if you have any Rad-X or Rad-Away, use it on Puking Charlie.

3. Now, head Eastward to find the bar. Outside the bar is a boy looking for his Mr. Nixon doll. The doll can be found on the outside of the bar. Just go to the back of the bar, and it'll be located in a corner that the walls form. Sorry I can't be more specific, but if all else fails, just circle the bar slowly, and you'll find it if you're careful enough. Once you got the doll, return it to the boy. Then, stick around and listen to the conversation between the boy and his Mr. Nixon doll. You'll find out that there is a wrench buried in a pile of rocks behind the bar. These rocks can be found east from where you found the doll. Search these rocks to find the wrench.

4. In the bar here, you can recruit Cassidy, the bar tender. He hates being in Vault City, and if you listen to his tale of woe for long enough then he should decide to join you.

5. Right below the bar will be another hut with a lady inside. She tells you that her husband is a prisoner in the Vault City 'Correction Facility' and asks if you can get him out. Later, when you get into the City, go to the Correction Facility and ask about him and they will direct you to the building next door. The guard there does not seem to want to part with him, but you can convince him that the man has a contagious disease if you are good at conversations. If you manage to get him released, then you get a nice bit of EXP and some money if you go to the family again.

6. Proceed North of the bar to find yet another hut. This one has a guy standing outside of it. Talk to him, ask him what he does around there, and then ask him what the problem is. You'll find out that his family needs a plow in order to run the farm. Agree to help out, and head back to the main street that you started out on when you entered town. On the West side of the street, you'll notice a Brahmin pen. Directly North of the Brahmin pen is a building that has a big yellow smiley face on the side of it. Enter this building, and talk to the guy here. Ask him if he is still selling the plow, and give him the $800 for it. Be sure to have it delivered to the Smith's. Next, go talk to the man who gave you the job to get a reward.

7. Now go to the west side of the street that you came in on when you first entered the city. There should be a small shack between the brahmin pen and the fenced-in prisoners. Talk to the guy in this building. He is Ed, the person who Vic received the water flask from. Talk to him, and mention Vic and give him the flask. He will tell you that you acquired it when he was doing Brahmin runs. Ask him about the runs, and he will tell you all of the places that they went to. Next, ask him for the locations of these places.

8. Head up towards the Vault City gates. You cannot get in without a day pass or citizenship papers. There is an office on the right of the gate where you can acquire a day pass. If you pose as a merchant, you can get a day pass that is good for quite some time. However, there is a fun alternative to the day pass. If you chat with the assistant of the day pass guy, he will try to sell you some fake citizenship papers for an average price. If you buy them you have the choices, go on your merry way and get into the central city, or you can have a bit of fun. Obviously the assistant is not supposed to be pedaling phony papers so try a bit of blackmail! He will give you the price of the fake papers and a tidy bit more to keep quiet. You can either take the cash and run or rat on him and gain some EXP. Of course if you do this then the citizenship papers will become invalid but the day pass will suffice for now.

9. Head to the bar inside the city now. It's right inside the main gate. The bar only has fake beer and are too scared to go get some real stuff so if you run into some bootleggers or find some beer and booze then buy it! You can sell it to the bar here for a nice price and some EXP!

10. Vic's Daughter lives in Vault city and runs the repair shop and if Vic is in your party then they have a funny conversation. She asks if you can get her a bunch of tools. You should have the wrench already (see #3 in this section if you don't). You can get the pliers by going to Amenities Office A. It's right next to the shop that Vic's daughter runs. Ask what they have in stock, and you should see a tool kit there. Barter for the kit, and then return to Vic's daughter. Give her the tools. The next time that you're in VC, you'll be able to get a tool kit from her.

11. When you find the Corrections Center, you'll notice that there is a guy outside spreading 'the word'. He hates Vault City, and if you praise his cause enough, he'll give you a task to deliver a brief case to John Bishop in New Reno.

12. Go into the Corrections Center and complete the quest of freeing the captured husband. Then, back in the Center, talk to the black guy. Ask him what he does, and then question him about patrols. Volunteer to help out. Your first task is to scout the eight sectors around Gecko on the world map (the eight squares around Gecko). Do this quest later when you leave for Gecko.

13. Now head to the admin building and talk to the black lady in the far right room. This is First Citizen Lynette. She will eventually buy the story that you are the vault dwellers relative but tells you need to be a citizen to enter the vault (didn't think it would be that easy did you?). (*NOTE: First Citizen Lynette may not believe you. It depends on your stats, and if you're a good speaker.) There are two ways of becoming a citizen, you can take the entrance exam, which you could pass if you have a good INT, have enough luck, and have a number of other traits, but the other option is much more fun!! Lynette tells you that there is a place called gecko inhabited by ghouls nearby who are using an old damaged nuclear reactor that is poisoning the Vault cities water supply. She tells you that if you shut off the reactor, then she will make to a citizen. If you can't get this quest from her, don't worry.

14. Now head to the other end of the building (not across the hall, the complete other end) to find Senior councilor McClure. Be nice to him, and incase you don't know this yet, find out where Gecko it.

Now get off your arse and go to Gecko !!!

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Done By Slurrydevil

1. Gecko is entirely occupied by ghouls who are kind of weird, so talk to some of them for a laugh. Head North when you enter the town, and enter the Manager's Office. Here you can find Harold, the mayor. Harold is a familiar face from the first game and now sports a tree on his head (!) Talk to him and eventually you will find out the reactor is missing a part. The part is called the Hydroelectric Magnetosphere Regulator and you can find it in VC. It seems that you do not need to shut off the reactor after all.

2. After talking to Harold, speak to his assistant, Lenny. You can get him to join you're party if you talk to him about the Vault Dweller long enough. He pretty much sucks, though.

3. Now head to the north part of town. Keep heading north until you reach a building that is next to the fence and the building that was a facility of some sort. Behind the building is a door that leads to a room with a ladder. Take the ladder down, and look for the second rat god (you killed the first one in Klamath). Don't attack the rat, but instead talk to him. You may have to try talking to him twice to get this to work. If you say the right things, you'll be told to get a disk that details how repairing the power plant will benefit VC. You'll also get a Talisman that verifies you're identity. Now, head back above ground. Gordon, the ghoul with the disk, can be found on the east side of the junkyard. Saying the right things will get you the disk.

4. Next go to the Survival Gear Locker. It's the first building to your left when you first entered the junkyard, and there's a big sign on the outside. The ghoul that's in this building is looking for his friend, Woody. Woody is in the Den, and you'll get him later.

5. Head out of Gecko now. Be sure to visit all of the eight sectors around the city. Then, go back to VC. (*NOTE: If you have Lenny on your team, you will have to leave him outside of the VC city gates.) First, talk to Stark at the Corrections Facility office. Inform him that you have completed the survey of Gecko. Ask for more work, and you'll be given the task of traveling to the NCR.

6. Talk with Vic's daughter to get a tool kit.

7. Head back to McClure, and talk to him about fixing the Gecko power plant. (DON'T TALK TO FIRST CITIZEN LYNETTE!!.. she gets mad and has you taken away thusly ruining the chance of you becoming citizen). McClure will tell you where you can get the part. Next, give him the disk that you received at Gecko. Tell him, honestly, how you got it, and after a lengthy conversation of saying the right things, McClure will accept you're proposal.

8. Go to the main Amenities office, near Vic's daughter's shop (to the right of it) to get the part needed to repair the power plant. Now, head back to Gecko.

9. Go to the Gecko power plant, located on the right hand side of the part of town where Harold lives. Inside the plant are security doors that can be opened by pass keys (the color of the pass key matches the color on the door that it opens). You can get the pass keys by either pick pocketing the guards or searching the lockers/bookshelves inside of the reactor. As you make your way into the plant, you'll find a ghoul named Festus. Tell him you have the part and he will say that he could install it, but it would be too dangerous. If you listen to his prattle and humor him then you may be able to convince him to install the part. If not, he will tell you to go and talk to the ghoul near the main computer. The ghoul tells you that you cannot enter the room where the part needs to be installed because it is radioactive. He says that the humans used a maintenance bot, but he thinks it is broken. However, it isn't. Use the main computer that is behind the ghoul to activate the bot. Mess around with the bot until you get to the option that says Initiate Repair Sequence. Click this option, and give the part to the bot. You'll then find out that the autopilot is broken and you will have to enter the commands by hand. The commands look impossibly complex until you see that each one has the name of one of the planets in our solar system in it. Enter the commands in the order of the planets, starting with the furthest from the sun, and then execute the commands. For those of you who don't know the planets all that well, the list of commands follow:

-Amplify Plutonium-Gamma Shield.
-Deharmonize Neptunium Impeller.
-Calibrate Uranium-Rod Driver.
-Set Voltage on Saturn-Class Capacitor.
-Test Jupiter Wave Control.
After you execute these commands, you'll be able to enter 'install Hydroelectric Magnetosphere Regulator' to the end of the list of commands if you want to fix the plant. You can also shut the plant down like Lynette wanted you to buts that's not very nice is it?

10. Head back to Festus and talk to him again. You'll then find out that the reactor needs more work. You'll be given a disk that you need to update from the VC central computer.

11. Go back to the junktown of Gecko, and talk to the guy in the Machine Shop. Ask him if he has a battery for a car. He's got a Fuel Cell Regulator, which is just as good, and all he wants is a Super Tool Kit. Give him the Kit that you received from Vic's daughter in order to get the Regulator. He may ask you to get him a 3-Step Plasma-Transformer next (you might have to talk to him twice before he asks you to do this). You can get the Request Authorization Form from the desk in Harold's office. Then, go back into the reactor and find Jeremy (he's the first ghoul that you encounter after entering the supply room). Don't let him know who you're getting the part for. Just give him the form and get the part back to Festus. He'll then upgrade one of your weapons for no cost.

12. Head back to VC and talk to McClure. Inform him that you have repaired the Gecko power plant in order to become a citizen and gain some EXP. Now, head over to the VC vault, Vault 8, and go to level three. There is a weird guy down there who looks after stuff, but ignore him. Head to the C-shaped walled in bunch of control panels. One of them is the central computer. Talk to it, and insert the Gecko disk in order to optimize the data. Now, talk to it again and it will tell you that there is no here GECK because of a mix-up. Its kind of a funny mix-up because Vault 13 got their spare GECK and they got Vault 13's spare water chips.. so if there had been a spare water chip at Vault 13, the Vault Dweller would never have left on his quest and you never would have been born, so be thankful!! Anyway, they don't know where Vault 13 is, but they know where Vault 15 is.. which has the info on the location of Vault 13.

13. Head back to Gecko one last time and talk to Festus. He'll tell you to use the disk on the main computer. So, go to the computer, use the disk on it to optimize, and gain some more EXP!

14. Now, finally, leave Gecko and head for New Reno (you should have gotten directions to New Reno from the guy in VC that gave you the briefcase to deliver to John Bishop).

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New Reno

1. Once you arrive at New Reno, be careful. It's easy to get into trouble around this place.

2. When you first arrive here, you should notice a place called the Cat's Paw just to your right. Go here and talk to Miss Kitty, who is the woman in the front room. If you have a Cat's Paw magazine with you, you can ask her about them. She will tell you that the Cat's Paw used to manufacture pornographic magazines (the Cat's Paw magazines) and will ask you to bring ten of them to her. You will need to bring eleven, though, because one of the issues will have pages stuck together. The magazines can be found throughout the game, so collect them as you go.

3. Head to the Desperado, which is the bar to the Northeast. It's huge, you can't miss it. Now go talk to Lil' Jesus Mordino, the guy wearing a leather jacket by the bar. Ask if the family Mordino is hiring. He should then direct you upstairs to talk to his dad. So, go upstairs and search around until you find Big Jesus Mordino. He's the guy that looks like Vic. Ask for work, and you'll be given the task of delivering a package to the Stables. Follow his directions and go there right away. Ramirez is in the building on the left. Give the package to him.

4. Now go through the back door to get to another room. In this room, you should find a ladder. Go down it. Directly south, you should see to guards in front of a door with a guy behind it. This guy is Myron, the creator of jet. You can kill the guards outside the door and then talk to Myron. You can get him to give you all of his stuff by threatening him. Next, if you ask how family Mordino is treating him, he should go on about how they don't show him enough respect. Ask him to join up with you. After going on and on about the Mordino family, he'll join you. An alternate route to do this is to wait by the door until one of your other NPCs decides to open and walk through it.

5. Head back to New Reno and talk to Big Jesus Mordino again. Inform him that the job is done. Get the next job from Mordino, which is to collect tribute from the Corsican Brothers.

6. Head North on the street to come upon the next section of town. Head to the gym (it has a sign on it that says 'Jungle'). I would suggest saving now. Talk to the midget in the gym and ask who he is. Then, tell him that you want to box. You'll then be able to select a boxing name, and get off to your first fight. I suggest aiming for the head and getting a knockout. This is especially good if your HtH skill is lacking. Keep going into matches, and save often. After three or four matches, you'll be the champ and have the Prizefighter karma trait.

7. Head out of the gym and go across the street to Golden Globes Porn. Here you'll find the Corsican Bros. Tell them that you're here for Big Jesus' money. They'll pay up. Then, go inform Big Jesus that the job is done. He'll give you half the money, and give you the job of killing Salvatore. His bar is north of the porn studios. Once there, go upstairs and talk to the guy guarding the door. Insist that you want a job from Mr. Salvatore, and he should eventually let you in. You'll get the job of killing a thief (Lloyd) and returning the stolen money. Get the job details from Mason, and then head back to the Desperado.

8. Head to the basement of the bar. Kill all of the rats in the first three rooms. You should find a poison tank in one of the rooms. Keep it around because it'll come in handy later. Now, to the room that's on the other side of the water tanks. Open the door to find Lloyd. Tell him that you came for Salvatore's money, and have him show you where he buried it. Go there right away. Once there, have him dig up the grave (you may have to threaten him to get him to dig). There is an explosive device that Lloyd uncovers, and a manhole that leads to an old fallout shelter. Have Lloyd open the manhole. It doesn't matter if you have Lloyd get in the hole or not. Just don't leave him in the hole by himself. No matter what you do, Lloyd will most likely decide to attack you. So, take him out and then get the money from the footlocker.

9. Head back to Salvatore and inform him that the job is done. You're next task will be to collect money from Renesco. Go out of Salvatore's bar and head west to the next part of town. You should find a building that has says 'Renesco's Pharmacy' on the side (its on the north side of the street). You can find Renesco in this building, behind a steel cage. He says that he paid tribute two weeks ago. If you can talk the tribute out of him, then you're lucky. Whatever you do, don't attack Renesco or piss him off to the point that he won't talk to you again. If you're unable to get the tribute, you can fake it if you have the cash. Another option, if you are good at conversations, is to pay the tribute for him and force him into giving you a discount at the store in return for it. Once you have that taken care of, head back to Salvatore. If you pay the tribute yourself without getting a discount at Renesco's store, you might not be able to get another job from Salvatore. If you can, though, ask Salvatore for more work. You'll receive the job of guarding a transaction in the desert. Talk to Manson now to be taken to the desert. All you have to do is wait until the transaction is done and Mason says that the other guards can leave. You will learn from this transaction that Salvatore gets his laser pistols from the Enclave. Anyways, return to Salvatore and talk to him. You will become a made man of the Salvatore family and gain some extra experience and some stuff from Manson.

10. Now, head to the southwest. You should find a place called New Reno Arms. Talk to the guy here, and ask for something special. You will then be shown a Computer Voice Module. The price is $3,000. Be sure to buy it because you will need it later in the game.

11. Head back to Salvatore's bar and kill him. There are two different ways of accomplishing this. First, you can sneak in by Salvatore and plant the poison tank that you found in the basement of the Desperado on him by using your steal skill. Then, steal the oxygen tank and leave right away. In a few moments, he'll be dead and you won't have to kill the guards. The other way is just to kill the guards and then take out Salvatore, or the other way around. It doesn't really matter. Well, after Salvatore is dead, return to Big Jesus Mordino for a reward. Big Jesus doesn't have any more work for you, so just leave.

12. Now head for the Shark Club, which is across the street from Salvatore's. Head up the first flight of stairs and search for the second staircase. These stairs are being guarded. Talk to the first guard, and tell him that you have a suitcase for Mr. Bishop. You will then get the OK to go upstairs, so go up. Once there, talk to Mr. Bishop, who is the guy wearing no armor. I suggest that you save here. Be very careful about what you say. Talk to Mr. Bishop and give him the suitcase. After a somewhat lengthy conversation, you'll be given a reward. Next, ask for another job. You'll be assigned the task of killing Westin in the NCR. Accept the job, and head down to the second floor of the building.

13. You'll now get directions to the Raiders camp, and a holodisk confirming the involvement of Mr. Bishop and NCR in the raider attacks against NCR. There are two ways of doing this. The first one is to talk to Mrs. Bishop in the room to the northwest. When you try to leave, she'll offer you a drink. [*NOTE: If you decide to use this method, then you will lose all of the NPCs that you have on your team. So, talk to each of them, and tell them to wait here until you get back.] Accept this offer. Go all the way with her, and then ask about her education and accent. Now, try opening the safe in the room. If you have trouble with it, Mrs. Bishop will eventually give you the combination. After that, search the safe in the room next to Mrs. Bishop's. The third room in the northwest has a safe with traps on it. Use your trap skill to disable the traps, and then your lockpick skill to unlock it. It is in this safe that you will find the map to the Raider's encampment and a holodisk telling about Bishop's agreement with NCR. The other way to do this is easier, but less fun. You can just go to the third floor, run past Bishop, and then go through the door to the hall. You can now get to all of the safes.

14. Head east to the next part of town. Enter the building that's directly to the north, and talk to the guy wearing a leather jacket and blue jeans. Ask if family Wright is hiring. He'll refer you to Keith Write in the building to the south, so go find him. Tell him that Chris sent you, and that you're looking for work. You'll next be directed to Orville Wright. Be careful about what you say. You'll receive the task of investigating the death of Richard Wright. Ask who is suspected, and then head out to do the job.

15. Talk to Keith Wright about Richard. He'll tell you a lot of information, including where you can find the drug pushers. You can also ask Chris Wright and get about the same information. Then, talk to all of the dealers: Lil' Jesus Mordino, Jagged Jimmy J, Jules, and Renesco. None of them will admit it. Most of them will blame each other, or blame Renesco. Now, head to the Golgotha graveyard. Arm yourself with a shovel and look for Richard's grave. It should be located on the right side of the street, and not too far from where you entered the graveyard. Check the grave marker to find out which one is the right grave. Dig it up once you find Richard's. After that, examine the grave to find out that Richard was poisoned. Return to New Reno, and talk to Renesco once again. Tell him that you found out that the Jet overdose was just a cover-up, and Richard was really poisoned. You should be able to talk it out of him that Salvatore ordered him to make the deadly mixture. You may have to be aggressive.

16. Go back to Orville and inform him about what you found out. Be very careful. Let him know that Salvatore has been taken care of. You're next task will be to find a way in to the Sierra Army Depot. Accept the job and head off for the Depot.

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Sierra Army Depot

1. I suggest that you leave all of your NPCs in a different town. This place is tough, and they would most likely get killed. Plus, if you aren't good with guns or one of those spiffy purple robes, then you should probably come back later. This place can be really hard if you can't sneak in.

2. First, either take out or sneak past the turrets at the gate. To sneak past the turrets, you either have to have a really high sneak skill or a set of purple robes. If you wear the robes, the turrets should not attack you, thusly leaving you with clear access.

3. Go to the shed on the left. Search around there until you find a Howitzer Shell. Now head to the east until you find another building. Be careful around this one because there are a lot of traps by the entrance. Anyways, go into the building to discover a Howitzer. Use the shell on the Howitzer to load it, and then use the Howitzer to fire. The doorway into the Depot will then be blown open. Now take out the turrets by the door. As far as I know, it is impossible to sneak past these two.

4. The desk to the left of the entrance has a password paper. Check it out to get the password for the force fields on the first level. Use the computer next to the force field and enter the password to disable all of the fields on the first level.

5. Now head to the room in the lower right. Search the lockers to find Dixon's eye. Next, take the Bio Med Gel from off the floor (it's to the top left of the left-most table in the room).

6. Before moving on, I will tell you the ways of deactivating the rest of the force fields. I know of three ways. The first way is to go to the fenced-in area to the right of the building. Go down the manhole here. Use the switch that is on the wall to the left of the ladder. This will lower the power to 50%. Now the force fields will be weak enough for you to pass through them. However, you will absorb partial damage. The second way is to simply place a bomb near one of the force fields. When the bomb detonates, it will blow away the force field. The last way is to simply hack into the computer systems. It is entirely up to you on how you want to disable the force fields, but keep in mind that a weakened force field cannot be deactivated.

7. On the left wall of the first floor, you will see a door with an elevator behind it. Use your lockpick skill on the door to bypass it. You may want to save before trying this if you have a low skill. Take the elevator to the second floor.

8. Use the computer system and attempt to disable the repair station. This should work, but if it doesn't, don't worry too much. You just have to be extra cautious so robots don't attack you on site. However, even with the repair station down, the robots will attack you if you blow past a force field. This is one of the downsides of using the bomb. Now search the lockers and everything on the floor and take whatever you want. Be careful when you go to the North of the floor because there are traps everywhere there.

9. Head down to the third floor now. It doesn't matter how you get there. You can either take the same elevator that you used to reach the second floor, or you can use the elevators in the middle of the floor. To use these elevators, however, you must first use Dixon's eye on the Retinal Scanner next to the elevator. Anyways, once on the third floor, go to the upper right room. You can find Clifton's eye here. The Retinal Scanner for the elevator leading to level four requires Clifton's eye.

10. Now talk to the computer in the middle of the room. Find out that it, Skynet, wants to leave. Whatever you do, don't piss off Skynet. Instead, agree to help out. You will then be given the task of finding a Cybernetic Brain. Next, ask for the computer to disable the security systems.

11. Head to the fourth floor now. Go to the northeast room. Here you will find a computer. Use it, and try retrieving a brain. You must have the Cybernetic Brain, so save before attempting this. If the brain dies, load and try again. You need a high science skill in order for this to work.

12. Return to the third floor now and take out the robots on the left-most room. Take a Robot Motivator from one of the dead Robobrains. Then, go to the upper left room (go down the hall that Skynet is in until you get there). You'll find a Deactivated Robobrain in this room. First, use the Cybernetic Brain on the robot, followed by the Bio Med Gel and then the Motivator. After that, use the computer outside of the room to activate the robot.

13. Talk to the robot (Skynet) to get him to join you. Then, leave the place and head off to the New California Republic, or NCR.

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New California Republic (NCR)

1. When you first enter NCR, head west until you find a building that is right next to the Bulletin Board. Talk to the person in this building in order to gain access to NCR. All of your NPCs will have to put away their weapons.

2. Now head south and enter NCR. Directly to the Southwest there is a store where you can trade. Talk to the guy here and ask for work. If you have good timing, you should be able to get a Brahmin drive to Redding soon. You can do the drive whenever you want to, it's entirely up to you.

3. To the south of this store is another building. Enter it and talk to Doctor Henry who can be found here. Ask him about cyber-genetics. You will find out that the doctor is working on a anti-FEV product that will turn a super mutant back into a regular person. Keep talking to him about this, and when you get the opportunity, volunteer to test the anti-FEV on a mutant. He will then give you a syringe full of the substance.

4. South of the building that Doctor Henry was in you can find the Hospital. Search the bookshelf here and take the poison syringe. If you want to, you can take everything except for the heart pills. If you try taking the pills, the doctor there will stop you.

5. After that, talk to the Sheriff. To find the Sheriff, remember when you first entered this part of town that you were on a street. If you follow this street south, you will find the Sheriff. Talk to him, and ask him for work. Then, ask about Westin. He'll tell you that Westin is having trouble with some vermits.

6. Head west after talking with the Sheriff until you come to a force field. Talk to the guard on the other side. Ask who lives there, then ask if you can see Westin. Tell him that you want to see him about the job. He should open the force field for you and let you pass.

7. Enter the part of town that Westin is in and proceed west until the street ends. To the north, you should see a guy that is wearing leather armor outside of a building. Talk to him, and tell him that the Sheriff send you for a job. He will then tell you to go inside.

8. In the building you can find Westin. Talk to him and say that you are there for the job. Tell him that the Sheriff sent you. You will then find out about the job. You must find out what has been raiding Mr. Westin's brahmin. Accept the job. Then, go talk to Felix again and you will be taken to the brahmin.

9. At the brahmin pasture, all you have to do is wait until some Deathclaws show up. You will find out that the Deathclaws will leave the brahmin alone as long as someone is watching them.

10. Return to Westin and tell him what you've found out to receive a reward. Don't kill Westin yet. Instead, hold onto the poison syringe. You will use it to kill him later. Head back to the guard that let you past the force field, and tell him that you want to leave. He will let you pass back out of this part of town again.

11. Head south until you find Dusty's Cantina. Enter the building, talk to Dusty, and find out that President Tandi is looking for a specialist to complete a task for her.

12. Go south to the next part of town. Then, go to the east and enter the Congress House (this is the only building to the east in this part of town). Talk to Feargus, the guy who is in the first room and doesn't have a gun. Tell him that you're here for the job, and you'll be referred to Gunther in the next room. Talk to Gunther, and tell him that you want the job. You will then be sent in to talk to Tandi. Before going in by Tandi, though use your steal skill on Gunther and steal the presidential pass. Now, go in and talk to Tandi. Be careful about what you say, and act confident. You should be able to easily get the job. The job is to retrieve parts from Vault 15.

13. Go north and proceed back to the first part of in-town NCR. Go as far east as you can, and enter the middle building. Talk to the guy wearing combat armor. Be nice and say that you hate slavers. Next, ask to join the New California Rangers, and you will be assigned the task of getting rid of the slavers outside of town. Agree to do the job. Next, search the table in the back room to find a Ranger's Map. Take the map and head north out of town.

14. The slavers are to the north. Once you have found them, talk to the guy behind the desk. Ask for work, and you will be given the task to get the map. Talk to him again and inform him that the job is already done. After you have collected your reward, take out the slavers. Next, use the terminals next to the cells to free the slaves. Return to the Rangers and join up with them.

15. Go to the building that is north of the Ranger's and talk to the woman standing outside of it. She should say that Jack is going to blow up the power plant. If she doesn't, then come back another time. Agree to help out. You can either kill Jack, let him blow up the reactor and then repair it, or talk him out of blowing up the reactor. If you have a high speech and some luck, you should be able to convince him to stop. You will get more experience for doing this, but you won't be able to get a reward from the bartender at the Rawhide Saloon for killing him (this is later in this walkthrough). I usually just kill him. If you do kill him, afterwards talk to the woman again and tell her there was no other way. Next, search his body and take the bomb. If you didn't kill him, then try stealing the bomb from his body. You will need this later.

16. Now head north to the part of town where you originally entered. Go to the Rawhide Saloon on the west side of the street (there's a big sign, you can't miss it). Talk to the bartender and say that a cop was saying something about her. Inform her that you killed him, and you will receive a reward. Next, ask for work and you will be referred to Merk in the back room.

17. Merk can only be found at night, so if he's not there, wait until night. Talk to him, and he will send you on the test mission to kill a Hubologist. This is where the bomb comes into play. I suggest saving before trying this, because there are numerous things that can go wrong. The Hubologist can be found in the building south of the Sheriff's Office. Set the timer on the bomb, and then plant the bomb on the Hubologist. Keep in mind that whenever you set a timer on an explosive device in this game that the device will automatically be dropped on the floor, so you will need enough time to pick it up again. Once you have the bomb timer set, use your steal skill on the Hubologist in order to plant the bomb. Next, take a few steps back (I would suggest leaving the building completely so that the cops do not start attacking you) and wait for the explosion. After that, return to Merk.

18. The next mission that Merk wants you to do is to get some papers from Dr. Henry. Agree to the job and head back into town. The doctor can be found in the second building down on the west side of the street. The papers must be taken from the desk in the main hall of the building. Once you have acquired the papers, take them to Merk.

19. Now head off for Vault 15.

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Vault 15

1. This is a pretty simple place. Head to the upper right to find a woman that is blocking the path. You can either kill her, which I usually do, or you can try talking her into moving out of the way. You just have to talk to her and mention something about having kids. She'll become nostalgic about her dead daughter and let you pass. Next, go to the building that she was closest to. Take out the guy in here, and grab the Red Vault 15 Keycard from his body. Now, go to through the path that was being blocked by the chick and head to the next area.

2. Take out the people who are guarding the building here. The man here has a key, so be sure to take it. Use the key to unlock the door in the building where a woman is being held captive. Talk to her, and free her.

3. Use the Vault 15 Keycard on the elevator door in the side of the mountain. I would suggest saving now. Take the elevator down. Try to avoid the Raiders unless you want one hell of a fight. If they try to talk to you, try saying that your name is Pat and that you're new. This might work. If it doesn't, then you can load the game and try again, or attempt to take them out. It's up to you.

4. The parts that you need to get for Tandi are on the third floor. They are in a locker in the second room on the right. Take the parts, and then go to the room furthest to the west. Use the computer here to find the location of Vault 13.

5. Leave Vault 15 and return to NCR. Tell Tandi that you have the parts, and give them to her. You should then get a pretty nice reward. Now, leave for Vault 13.

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Vault 13

1. Go through the caves until you come to the vault door. Use the terminal next to the door to open the vault.

2. Vault 13 is inhabited by Deathclaws. Talk to the leader of the Deathclaw pack, Gruthar, in the first room. Ask him about the GECK, and ask him if you can enter the vault to search for it yourself. He will say you are not trustworthy or something like that, so offer to help him out in return for access to the vault. He should agree to this, and give you the task of fixing the computer on the third floor, which has a broken Voice Recognition Module. Next, head down to the third floor.

3. Go to the second room on the right side of the hall. Search the lockers and foot lockers in the room. One of these will contain the GECK, so be sure to take it. You should also find some NavCom Parts in one of the lockers. You will need these later, so hang on to them.

4. In the room furthest to the west you can find a Deathclaw who is wearing a robe. This Deathclaw, named Goris, is a scholar and loaded with information. Make him the offer of telling him stories of your adventures in return for information. He should agree. Next, ask him as much as you can, but do not be offensive. You should learn the location of the Military Base, as well as why the Deathclaws are so smart. After you find out as much as you can from him, you should be able to ask him to join your team. However, after traveling with you for a while, he will sense that his pack is in trouble and leave. You can stop by Vault 13 again later and try recruiting him again if you want to, though.

5. Go to the room that is furthest to the east now. In this room is the computer that you have to fix. Use the terminal in the room to find out for sure that the Voice Recognition Module is broken and a new one is needed. Use the module again, and you should automatically install the part.

6. Go back to the first floor and inform Gruthar that the job is done. Now, head off for the Military Base.

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Military Base

1. Remember that you have to use the anti-FEV on a super mutant here. When you use the anti-FEV, it will immediately kill the super-mutant in question. Later, return to NCR and tell the doctor that you've completed the task. He will reward you with the Robodog ally.

2. In the first tent to the North when you first enter the Base area you can find a Survey Map. Examine the map to find the location of San Francisco.

3. Take out all of the dogs on the outside of the base because they'll probably end up attacking you eventually anyway.

4. In the small building next to the base you should find some dynamite. You will need some in order to blow away the rocks blocking the door, so be sure to grab some.

5. Inside of the fenced-in area is the remains of a street. The street runs through the opening in the fence. On the sidewalk on the south side of the street you should find a Metal Pole on the ground. Be sure to grab it.

6. I would suggest saving now incase something goes wrong. Use the metal pole on the mining cart, and then use the dynamite on the metal pole. Now, use the mining cart to push it into the rocks blocking the door. The rocks will then be blown away.

7. Head into the base, and be prepared for a fight. This place is pretty tough, but there is pretty good salvage that makes it worth it. Consider everything in the base as an enemy.

8. You have to repair the generator on the first floor in order to use the Mine Elevator. You will pass the generator on your way to the elevator; you can't miss it.

9. On the third floor you can find another elevator leading to a fourth floor. Save before proceeding to the fourth floor, though, because there is a chance that you might die.

10. On the fourth floor is the head super mutant of the base named Melchoir. After each turn he will sound out at least two Deathclaws to attack you, so take him out as quickly as possible.

11. There is nothing else that you can do in the base once everything has been killed, so head out of the base and return to your home village of Arroyo.

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Return to Arroyo

1. When you get back, you will find out that a group called the Enclave has captured the people of your village. The warriors of your village were killed. You will be given the location of Navarro, and the quest of rescuing your people.

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Return to The Den

1. Head south to the mummy exhibit. It's in the same building that Anna the ghost was in. It's in the room right next to where she was. Talk to the guy here, and ask to see the mummy. Your character should realize that it is not a mummy but instead Percy's friend, Woody. Tell Woody to make a run for it, and then leave the exhibit.

2. Go over to the Slavers Guild and take them out. You don't have to do this, but I always do. After all of the slavers are dead, including Metzger, open the back door where the slaves were being held. Talk to one of the slaves and inform them that Metzger is dead and they are free to go.

3. Go over to Mom's Dinner again and talk to Karl. Transfer the message that you received from Modoc to him, and send him on his way home.

4. Now, go find Fred again. Fred is the guy that you helped out by paying off half of his debt to Beth. He is wearing a suit now, and has hit it big. Tell him that he looks nice, and don't be greedy for your money back. Fred will give you a huge bonus for helping him out after you talk to him for a little while. (If Fred hasn't hit it big yet, come back another time. The reward should be worth it.)

5. Proceed over to Smitty now. Give him the Fuel Cell Regulator that you found in Gecko. Then, give him the money he asks for and the part so he can install it in the car. Once the part is installed, talk to Smitty once more. Tell him about your other car part, the Fuel Cell Controller, and give him the money to install it.

6. Now, get in your new (well, working) car and head back to Gecko.

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1. Once you arrive here, enter the building to the north. Talk to the people here until you find Mayor Ascorti. Talk to him, and ask him for work. You will be told about the Sheriff and the mine owners. Then, ask him what he does. He'll mention something about deeds. Be sure to question him about these. He'll tell you that he has a deed for sale now. Question him about it, and you will find out the deed is to clear out the Great Wanamingo Mine. Next, buy the deed.

2. Now head south to the Sheriffs office. Talk to him, and ask him what he does. Then, ask about his leg. After you hear his story, offer to help him out. (He may not except help if you are at a low level. If this happens, return once you gain more experience.) You will be given the task of either evicting Widow Rooney, or collecting the rent that she owes.

3. Rooney is in the building directly to the southwest of the Sheriff. Talk to her, and tell her why you are there. You can either pay the rent for her, or force her to leave. Either way, head back and see the Sheriff once you have completed the task. Ask him for the next job, and you will be given the task of preventing a fight between the Morningstar and Kokoweef miners at the Malamute Saloon. You will also be given directions to the saloon. Agree to the job, and head for the Malamute.

4. Talk to one of the miners as soon as you enter the saloon. I would suggest saving in case something goes wrong. Tell him (or her) that you won't let them fight. Then, if you have to, make a threat. They should then agree to go with you to jail. If you want, you can escort all of the miners to jail. It's up to you.

5. Talk to the Sheriff for your reward, and ask for another job. You will then be given the task of finding the person that cut up a whore. Agree to the job.

6. Head to the north to the next part of town. Once here, head to the north to find the Morningstar Mine office. Enter the door furthest to the left, and talk to the two people here. Once of them will start a conversation with you. This is the person that cut up the whore. If you are good with conversations, you should be able to easily bring him to jail. Then, go see the Sheriff for your next job.

7. You're next task is to take out Frog Morton and his gang. Agree to the job, and head west to the next part of town. Once you are here, take out whatever attacks you (which will most likely be some rats). Then, in the buildings in this part of town, you can find the members of Frog's gang. Frog himself is in the building to the northwest. Once him and his gang are eliminated, return to the Sheriff for your reward. This is the last task that you can do for the Sheriff.

8. Now head back to the building that Frog was in and take the mine elevator down to the mine. I would suggest saving at this point. In this mine are the Wanamingos that you have to take out. The first one you see when you get down there is the mother. Take her out first because she is the toughest one there. Also, this will stop any more Wanamingos from being produced. After the mother is dead, clear out the mine of the rest of them. Also, be sure to search the Mining Machine and take the Excavation Chip from it. The machine is towards the middle of the floor. Once you have taken out all of the Wanamingos on that floor, take one of the ladders up to the first floor. Once again, kill everything here. Head to the southeast to another part of the floor and follow the same procedure. Then, head to the south to the last part of the floor and finish of the Wanamingos. Once the mine is cleared out, take one of the ladders back to town. Then, inform Mayor Ascorti that the deed is done. Sell the deed back to Ascorti to get your reward.

9. Now head to the north to the next part of town again. Go to either the Morningstar or Kokowebe Mine headquarters. If you go to the Kokowebe mine, ask about any rumors. After some talking, you will get the job of finding the excavator chip. Talk to the leader again and inform her that you have the chip to get your reward. If you go to the Morningstar mine, ask what's been going on and then ask about the mining chip. You will then be given the option to sell the chip to him. Whoever you sell it to does not matter.

10. Leave Redding now and head for San Francisco.

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Return to Gecko

1. Talk to Percy Crump, the ghoul that sent you out to find Woody, and you will get a bunch of Rad-Xs for your troubles.

2. Now, head out of Gecko but do NOT take your car. You will have to leave your car in Gecko now or otherwise it will be stolen and you won't be able to get it back. Don't worry, though, you're car should be fine in Gecko. Mine was. Now, head off for the Raiders camp.

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The Raiders

1. The outside of this place changes from time to time, so just search for a way to get underground. Once you get underground, search for the raiders. Once you find them, take them all out.

2. Next, search the lockers and foot lockers that each Merk Captain was stationed at. You should find a dog tag in each one. Examine the dog tags to find out that they each have a number on them.

3. Now proceed north and search for the huge black iron safe. Click on the safe to use it, and then enter the numbers from the dog tags to open it. Now, search the safe. Be sure to take the blue Account Book from the safe and examine it. The book is proof that the Bishop Family is behind the raider attacks against Vault City.

4. Now that you have proof, head back to Vault City.

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Return to Vault City

1. Head over to the Corrections Center and inform Sergeant Stark that you have plotted the route to NCR for him. You will receive some money and a motion sensor for your Pip Boy as your reward. Next, talk to Stark again, and ask him what he does in Vault City. Ask him about the Raiders, and volunteer to make an attempt at finding their base. Keep insisting on helping out. Then, inform him that you already wiped out the Raiders. You will then be sent to talk with the First Citizen.

2. Do as you were told and go talk to First Citizen Lynette. Inform her that you have taken out the raiders. Next, inform her that the Raiders were actually Mercenaries hired by the Bishop family, and tell her about the account book you found in the base. She will believe you, and give you thanks. She might also tell you to go see Westin in the NCR. This quest definitely depends on your stats, so there is a good chance that you won't be able to acquire it. Now tell Lynette that you have some more questions, and ask about Thomas Moore. Tell her that he has outside interests, and that he is working for NCR. She should believe you and tell you that action will be taken immediately.

3. Go talk to McClure. Tell him that Redding is being controlled by a drug called Jet, and tell him what you know about Jet.

4. Go enter the Vault City vault. On the first floor you should find the doctor and his assistant. Talk to his assistant (the woman wearing a vault suit) and tell her your name. Then, ask her about Vault City. She'll tell you that there is nothing to do and that the town is dull. If you keep her on the subject, you might get the opportunity to find out about the pregnancy cycle and perform some other small quests. They are as follows (if you're playing a female character, you might not be able to perform all of these quests):

1)Donate sperm.
2) Convince her to talk to Dr. Troy about the dangers in the pregnancy cycle.
3) Take her out for a night.
4) Convince her to see the outside world.

These are small quests, but they do give you some experience. Plus, you can perform them all just by talking to her.

5. Talk to Dr. Troy now and talk to him about Jet. Give him a sample of Jet and in return he will come up with an antidote. The antidote will take a while to prepare, so just pick it up later (sometime before you return to Redding).

6. Now, head out of Vault City and for the Broken Hills. On your way, stop by Gecko and get your car back (providing you left it there. Otherwise, just stop wherever you left your car and get it back before going to the Broken Hills.)

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Broken Hills

1. If you have a car and enter the Broken Hills, you will run over a ghoul named Lumpy. Talk to him, and help him out from under your car.

2. Go east until you find a super mutant that is standing outside of a building. This is Marcus, the Sheriff of Broken Hills. Talk to him, and ask him what the news is. You'll be told about the trouble at the mine. Then, ask to see if there is anything else. You'll then be given the task of finding some missing people. Agree to help out. Then, feel free to ask him any other questions. After that, head east to the next part of town.

3. Head to the first building to the south, and talk to the ghoul there. Be nice to him, and find out that he needs more power in order to run his air conditioning so the flies will stop bothering him. Ask him where the power generator is, and offer to go there and get permission for more power to be sent to his house.

4. Now head north to find the mine. Enter the building there and talk to Zaius. (He might not be there, depending on the time of day. If he isn't, just wait and come back later.) Tell him that you heard about the mine troubles, and that you're good with your hands. You should then be able to help out. You'll be given the task of getting some mine parts from Renesco in New Reno.

5. Head east to the garden. There, you should notice a talking spore plant. Begin a conversation with it, and agree to do it a favor. You'll then be given the task of replanting it, which requires a shovel. If you don't have one now, return later once you do have one and complete the task. Your reward is a chess move that can defeat the Professor's scorpion. You will do this later.

6. Head back to the garden and go down the manhole. Once you're down there, head to the south, and then to the east, and then to the south, and then to the east some more. Here, you will find the bodies of the missing people. Examine one of the bodies to find out that they were shot before being chewed on. After that, return to Marcus for your reward.

7. Now head to the building south of where Marcus is. You will find a super mutant here named Francis. Francis is the arm wrestling champion in the area. I was able to beat him after using a bunch of Buffout to raise my Strength, Endurance, and Agility all to ten. If you decide to go against him, you might want to use a similar approach.

8. Proceed to the building that is north of where Marcus is. You will find out that this is the jail. If you want some extra experience, you can steal the keys from one of the guards and free the prisoners. The prisoners actually think that the mutants are a plague amongst the Broken Hills and want to get rid of them. You can even talk to the person that they work with and receive the task of eliminating the Super Mutants in the Broken Hills, but I would strongly recommend not doing this.

9. Now head towards your car. Then, go to the building directly north. This is the power generator building. Talk to the ghoul here, and tell him Eric wants more power. You might be able to talk him into changing the power rations, but if you can't, there is another way. You can use the computer nearest the ghoul to route more power to Eric's home. Once this is done, return to Eric for your reward.

10. Next, take the street east until you come to the last building to the south. Enter the building, and talk to the Professor here. Then, ask him to take a test. Test your agility and eyes first. Once you are successful at these, test your intelligence. You will then face the scorpion at a game of chess. If you have replanted the spore plant, you will win easily. However, after winning, the scorpion will attack you. Take it out, and be sure to take the glasses from the dead corpse.

11. Leave the Broken Hills and head back to New Reno.

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Return to New Reno

1. First head over to Bishop and tell him that you've completed the quest of killing Westin. You should then get the job of taking out the Vice-President of NCR.

2. Head over to Orville Wright and inform him that you have found a way into the Sierra Army Depot. You will then get to select a nifty gang name, and will be accepted into the Wright family. You can now search around the train station and take whatever interests you. You can also go to New Reno Arms and the Cats Paw to get 'set up'. You might not want to keep the Made Man trait, though. It might interfere with your job from Bishop (Bishop may not want a person from another family working for him). Keep this in mind.

3. Go talk to Mrs. Ethyl Wright now. She can be found in the upper left room of the Wright house. When you get the opportunity, ask her about the Temperance Union. Don't be offensive. After you have found out all that you can about the Union, leave the house and head to the stables.

4. Talk to Chris Wright here, and tell him that you have talked to his mom. Then, ask him about her speeches. You will find out that she doesn't pay attention to what goes on around her. Don't offend Chris or insult his mom. Now, head back to Mrs. Wright. This time, ask her about her husband. Tell her that he is controlling the flow of alcohol in New Reno. You will have to be persistent and convince her that you are right. She will finally agree to look into the matter, and ask you to meet her in front of the church the next morning.

5. The church is south of Renesco's place. Go there and rest until morning. Mrs. Wright should arrive there shortly. Talk to her (don't offend her), and let her vent. Then, offer to destroy the still for her without using violence.

6. Go back to the train yard and take the stairs down. Then, use your science skill on the distillery apparatus to render it useless.

7. Return to Mrs. Wright by the church and inform her that you have taken care of the still. You will receive the Louisville Slugger and some money as your reward.

8. Next, murder the Wright family to lose the Made Man trait. Otherwise, you will not be able to complete the quests for Bishop.

9. Now head over to Renesco the Rocketman. Tell him that you are looking for the mine parts. You should then be able to talk the parts out of Renesco. After that, tell Renesco you have more questions. Then, give him the glasses that you took off of the scorpion corpse. If you want to, you can try to talk a discount out of him. It's up to you.

10. If you entered New Reno with your car, you may notice that it has disappeared. There are two ways of finding where it is. First, you can threaten Jules. He will eventually tell you what happened to your car after you threaten him enough. Or, you could just walk to the area where your car was parked. You should notice a skid trail on the ground. Follow the trail, and you will be led to your car.

11. Once you have arrived to where your car is, enter the building to the north. Talk to the man in the northeast room. Find out what is to be done to the car. You'll be told that it is to be sold to Bishop. If you top Bishoop's price, you can get the car back. Plus, you will get the opportunity to add different amenities to the car, providing that you ask about them and pay the extra price. An alternate choice is to just take out everyone there and then leave with your car. What I did was pay for the car back and the amenities. After that was done, I took everyone out and got my money back. What you do, though, is up to you.

12. Leave New Reno and head back to the NCR.

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Return to New California Republic

1. Go to Westin's ranch, and talk to him about First Citizen Lynette and the situation with Vault City. He will give you a tape and ask you to give it to the First Citizen. When you get the chance, return the tape to Vault City. Now, use the poison syringe on Westin to kill him. As soon as you can, return to New Reno and inform Bishop that the job is done. He will then give you the task of eliminating the Vice-President of NCR.

2. Now proceed south until you reach the part of town that Tandi is in. Then, proceed west until you come to a force field. In order to get past this field, you have to use the presidential pass on the guard on the outside of it. He will then allow you to pass. In this part of town you can find the Vice-President Carlson of NCR. Enter the building and go to the room that he is in. I would suggest saving here. (*NOTE: YOU MUST INFORM BISHOP THAT WESTIN HAS BEEN MURDERED BEFORE YOU DO THIS QUEST!) Make sure that it is night and that no one else is in the building. Then, attack and kill him. If you are successful, no guards will attack you. If not, I would suggest trying it again. After he is dead, arm yourself with the presidential pass. Go to force field and talk to the guard that let you in. You should be able to pass through again.

3. When you get the chance, go speak with Bishop again in New Reno and tell him that the job is done. Before speaking with him, I would suggest saving (provided if you have the Made Man trait from another family). If you do have a Made Man trait, it might cause Bishop to be hostile to you. If this is the case, you will have to get rid of the trait by killing the family that gave it to you.

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Return to Broken Hills

1. Once you arrive here, head over to the mine. Leave all of the people that you have acquired on your side so far outside of the mine. Their chances of dieing in the mine are great. You will take damage yourself once you enter the mine unless you have an oxygen tank with you. You can get one from Salvatore's body after you kill him. It's not necessary, though. If you don't have the tank, don't worry. The damage usually won't kill you. Nevertheless, don't waste any time. Once you are in the mine, head to the northeast. Follow the cave until you come upon the air purifier. Use the Mine Parts on the purifier to fix it. Then, leave the mine and talk to Zaius to receive a reward.

2. Head back to Marcus and talk to him again. If you ask him to join you now, he will.

3. Leave the Broken Hills and head back to Redding. On your way there, if you haven't done so, stop by Vault City and pick up the Jet antidote

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Return to Redding

1. Once you arrive here, go see Painless Doc Johnson. He can be found on the west side of the part of town where the Sheriff and the Mayor are in. Let him know that you have the Jet antidote, and he will place it in the next shipment of Jet that he distributes to the miners.

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San Francisco

1. Head to the north until you see a boxing ring. You should find two people fighting here. Stay until the end of the match. Then, head to the building to the northeast and talk to The Dragon here. Ask him about who he was fighting, and you will be told that it was Lo Pan. You will also find out about their rivalry. If you want to, you can ask him to teach you how to fight next. You can be taught on different days if you keep coming back, however my limit to be taught was three days. Another option, providing you have a high enough unarmed skill, is to offer to join his side in the fight against Lo Pan. You will then face five different men. If you are victorious, head to the building that is northwest of the boxing ring. Here you can find Lo Pan. Talk to him and make a challenge. He will accept. After he becomes injured enough he will draw a gun. You must kill him in order to win.

2. Go to the southwest now to find a Brotherhood of Steal outpost. Talk to the man that is standing on the outside. Start asking him questions, and ask who they are and what they are doing. You will be told some history, so then ask about what is happening now. He will tell you why they have so many outposts and about the Enclave. Next, ask what they have learned about the Enclave. Then, ask why they are telling you this now. He will respond by saying that the Brotherhood needs Vertibird technology in order to stand a chance against an Enclave attack. Keep talking to him to find out that he wants you to get the plans for him from Navarro. Agree to help him out.

3. Go to the east until you reach the next part of town, which is actually the headquarters for the Shi. Once there, continue east until you find a big room that has a man with a lab coat in it, along with a few guards. Talk to the man in the lab coat. Ask who he is. Then, tell him your name and inform him that you want to see the Emperor. You will then be asked to prove yourself worthy by retrieving the Vertibird plans. Agree to the quest.

4. Return to the first part of town. This time, go north to another part of the town, and continue north until you find the oilrig. Enter the rig. Once inside, go to the northeast and enter the room next to (well, behind actually) the General Store. Talk to the man here, and ask him about the tanker. Ask where the Marc and the Captain can be found.

5. Behind the man that you just talked to is a ladder. Take the ladder down and take out everything here. In the upper right is a woman. Talk to her so she leaves. Then, go up the same ladder that you came down. Talk to her again here and find out why she was down there. Ask her anything else you want to know. Then, speak to Badger again to be thanked.

6. Go outside of Badger's place now and talk to the man that is standing there. Ask him what is wrong with him, and you will find out that he lost his spleen to Loo Chou in a card match. Continue talking to him, and when you can, agree to help him get his spleen back. Then, head back to the first part of town. Loo is in the building to the left of where you first entered town. Once you have found him, question him about the spleen. He will tell you that he sold it to Dr. Wong. Now, leave the shop and head back to the Shi temple. Dr. Wong is in the first room to the north that has people in it. Talk to him, ask him who he is, ask for more questions, and then ask about the spleen. Tell him that it belongs to Chip and that he needs it to survive. Dr. Wong will then agree to return the spleen. Next, return to Chip and tell him that you have located his spleen. You will then be asked to talk to Dr. Fung about getting the spleen back in to Chip. Agree to help out. Proceed to the first part of town and search for Dr. Fung. He is wearing a white lab coat and blue pants. He might be south of the boxing ring or in the building to the southwest of the ring. He will offer a price to implant the spleen. Agree to the price, give him the money, and then return to Chip. Inform him that you have talked to Dr. Fung and paid for the implant. He will then head off to get his spleen back.

7. Head off for Navarro, but leave all of the people that have joined you back in San Francisco.

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1. When you arrive here, a man will start talking to you. You can try convincing him that you want to join the Enclave or that you are a new recruit in an attempt to get the password. However, this isn't necessary. After you have talked to him, kill him.

2. Now enter the smaller building that's to the north. Open the trapdoor, and take the ladder down. Follow the hall until you come to a door. Open the door, and head to the room that is almost straight across from the hall that you were just in. Continue to the next room that has lockers in it. Search the lockers thoroughly. One of them contains a suit of Advanced Power Armor. Be sure to take and wear it. It will provide you with a disguise while in Navarro, and besides that, it kicks ass.

3. Head to the south now until you reach a room that has a scientist in. Ask him some questions, and then ask about the deathclaw in the next room. You'll find out some information about this deathclaw, along with the ones that had escaped to Vault 13, and why the deathclaw must be killed. Next, offer to kill the creature yourself. He will agree.

4. Proceed south now and enter the room that has the deathclaw in it. You will be stopped by the guard outside the door. Just tell her that the doctor wants you to kill the deathclaw, and you will be given permission to enter the room. Once you arrive in the room, talk to the deathclaw and tell him that you are there to help him. Insist on this, and he will eventually believe you. He will tell you that the back door leads to an outside air vent, and give you the task of finding the key card that will open the door so he can escape. Agree to the job. The key that you need is the same one as the Blue Pass Key that you got in Gecko. Talk to the deathclaw again once you have the key, and inform him that you found it. He will then ask you to open the door. So, use the key on the door, and the deathclaw will leave for freedom.

5. Now talk to the doctor again, and ask him about the dog statue. You will find out that it is a robot dog that has his legs disabled. Ask if he can be repaired, and you will find out where his Motivator Circuit is. End the conversation with the doctor and then start a new one. This time, ask to be sure that the room is soundproof. Then, tell him that you don't want anyone to hear his screams. After that, execute the doctor.

6. Talk to the dog now and tell him that you are his new master. He will then give you the task of finding his Motivation Unit.

7. Exit the room now and to the north until you reach an elevator. Take the elevator up to the ground floor. Once here, head to the southwest until you reach a building. Enter the building, and talk to the cook in the back. Ask him to chat, and then ask him what's going on. After that, ask him about the maintenance. You will find out that Raul and Quincy do not get along. Also, as long as you are talking to the cook, ask him some other questions and find out how to reach the Enclave base. Then, ask him about the Fob, and you will find out why it is so important.

8. Now head north until you reach the repair bay. Once there, talk to the mechanic. Tell him that the doctor has sent you to pick up the dog parts. He should tell you that it is in the locker, and give you the ok to retrieve the parts. If he doesn't give you permission, don't worry. You will have an opportunity to get the parts later. Now head to the building that's directly to the right of Raul's. Talk to the technician here and ask him about the vertibird plans. He will tell you that they are in the maintenance lab next door, so head there now. Once you arrive there, talk to Quincy. Tell him that a technician told you that you could find the vertibird parts here. Then, tell him that it was Raul. He will then get pissed off at Raul and tell you to go ahead and get the plans from the locker. Take the plans, and then return to Raul. Tell him that Quincy wants to see him, and then tell him what Quincy said about him. He will then tell you to watch the place while he's gone, and head off to fight Quincy. If you didn't get the dog parts before, do so now. Then, go back to the room with the technician guy in and take the elevator down to floor one.

9. Talk to the dog and inform him that you have the Motivation Unit. Then, use the unit on the dog to repair him. He will then join you.

10. Head to the west of the elevator that you just arrived on. Talk to the guard outside the door. Ask what this place is, and then say that you have business with the commander. Tell the guard that you were ordered by security to get the tanker passkey. You should then be sent in to retrieve the Fob. It is in one of the lockers in the first room of the commander's quarters.

11. Leave Navarro now, and be sure to follow the same route in which you entered the facility.

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Return to San Francisco

1. Head over to the man from the Brotherhood of Steal and inform him that you have acquired the vertibird plans. He will give you a copy of the plans, and you will be given access to the Brotherhood facility there. Enter the facility and take the elevator down. Use the computer in the upper left corner. This computer can make you smarter, stronger, more perceptive, and more charismatic. However, in order for this to work, you must have the memory modules needed for the operations. These modules can be found in various places throughout the game.

2. Return to the Shi and talk to Dr. Wong again. Give him the Vertibird plans. Next, return to Ken Lee and ask again to see the Emperor. He will then give you the task of killing AHS-9, who is the leader of the Hubologists. Agree to the job.

3. Go to the Hubologists now. They can be found to the upper right of the first part of town. Once there, take the stairs down. Here, talk to the man wearing the robe. He is AHS-7. Tell him that you are interested in joining. He'll then tell you about some celebrities and direct you to go see them.

4. The celebrities can be found in a room to the upper right. There are a bunch of robed people in the room, and the celebrities are in the front. Go talk to them, and they will give you a speech to the whole room about the greatness of the Hubologists. After the speech, talk to them and inform them that you want to join. They will tell you the process of joining. First, you have to watch a movie and then you have to talk to AHS-7. Agree to watch the movie.

5. Return to AHS-7 and talk to him again. Tell him that you will join. You will then have to undergo a zeta scan. Agree to the procedure. Afterwards, tell AHS-7 that you're ready to make the join official. He'll then ask you if you wanted to perform a service for the Huboligists. The task is to kill Badger. Accept the job.

6. Go up the stairs again at the Hubologist's headquarters. Talk to the man here that is wearing a white lab coat. He'll ask you for your help, so find out what he needs. He'll say that he wants the Vertibird plans. Agree to retrieve the plans.

7. Now go back to the tanker again. Once again, take the ladder down in Badger's room. Search for the door down there that has a 'keyless entry'. Use the Fob to open the door, and then take the ladder up. Use the computer furthest to the right to find out that it is missing some parts. These parts are the NavCom computer parts that you got in Vault 13. Use the parts on the computer to fix it. Now, head back out of the computer room and back to the main floor of the tanker. Then go to the east until you find some stairs leading up. Ascend the stairs and you will be in the main command room.

8. Here you can find the captain. Talk to him, and ask him how to get the ship going. You will then discover that the ship requires fuel. Next, feel free to ask the captain anything else.

9. Return to Badger again and tell him that you have some questions. Then, ask him to hack into a computer. Tell him to hack the Shi and that you need what they have. Ask for a copy of the Vertibird plans. He'll need a few days to get the plans, so just rest there until he has them.

10. Now that you don't need Badger anymore, you may dispoose of him. However, you won't get credit for the quest if you just go in and shoot him. Rather, there are a couple of other alternatives that will work. First, you can plant an explosive on him. Second, if you have some time to spare, leave the tanker for a while. Return after a few weeks. If enough time has passed, two members of the Shi will arrive and assassinate Badger for you.

11. Go back to the Hubologists and talk to the guy that wanted the plans and give them to him. He'll thank you, and then tell you that they need fuel yet.

12. Go talk to AHS-7 and tell him that Badger is dead.

13. Now go to the east part of the building. Here you will find a scientist by the name of Crocket. He is wearing a white lab coat. Talk to him, and ask him what he does there. Then, ask about the new technology that he has developed. Now, leave the Hubologists and return to the Shi.

14. Go to the room towards the Southwest and talk to the man in the bottom middle of this room. Tell him your name, and then tell him that you're there to get fuel for the Hubologists. He'll ask you to get some hardened power armor from Crocket in return for the fuel.

15. Return to the Hubologists, but don't go down the stairs. Instead, talk to the guy that is behind the man wearing a labcoat. Ask him who he is and you'll find out that he came down from Canada. Ask why he came down (promise not to laugh) and you'll find out that he has a crush on one of the celebrities, Vikki Goldman. Then, leave him and go down the stairs.

16. Go talk to Vikki and tell her that Dave is interested in her. She'll say that she thinks he is cute and wants to get it on with him sometime.

17. Go talk to Crocket and tell him that Dr. Jiny sent you to get some hardened power armor. Tell him that in return for the armor, Dr. Jing will send fuel to the spaceship. He will agree to the trade. Then, give him a suit of power armor. He'll need a few days to complete the process, so just rest until he is done. After that, take the armor from him.

18. Return to Dave and tell him that you talked to Vikki and that she is interested. You can then get Dave to format the Hubologist hard drive. You just have to convince him that you backed everything up already. However, if you do this, you do not gain any experience. I think this is probably a bug.

19. Go back to Dr. Jing and give him the Hardened Power Armor. As your reward, have him channel the fuel to the Hubologists.

20. Go to the Hubologists again and talk to the guy that sent you on the fuel quest. He'll thank you for your work. Now, go down the stairs and search for AHS-9. He can be found on the east side of the complex, a few rooms above where Crocket is. Kill him, and any other Hubologist/guard that attacks you. During combat, the force fields in the area might activate, leaving you trapped inside. You can still get out, though. First, if you have explosives or dynamite, you can set the timer and place it by one of the forcefields. The blast should cause an electrical short in the force field, causing it to flicker and presenting you with the chance to get through. Alternatively, use your repair skill on the emitter, which is the hour-glass shaped device on the left side of the force fields. With a high enough skill, you will be able to disable the fields.

21. After AHS-9 is dead, return to Ken Lee at the Shi. He will thank you for your work, and let you see the Emperor, which is nothing more than a large computer. You will receive the password and be given access to the machine. There isn't much you can do here except for gaining information from the computer. You can format the hard drive of it if you want to, but this will cause everyone at the Shi to attack you. If you do decide to format the hard drive, do it after step 22. Otherwise, you won't be able to get the fuel for the tanker.

22. Go talk to Dr. Wong again. Ask him about accessing the computer network. Next, use the computer that is closest to him. You must first activate the station. Then, try hacking into it. If you are successful, access the fuel and derivatives. You should then be able to route the fuel to the tanker.

23. Return to the tanker and head for the Captain's room. Use the computer here to get the tanker moving off to the Enclave base.

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1. Once you arrive here, enter the base. You won't be attacked because of your armor (you should be wearing the Advanced Power Armor). Head south now and take the stairs until you see a computer console. Leave all of the guys that joined your team by this console. If you take them with you further into the base, you'll be attacked. Now, continue south until you reach some stairs. Take the stairs down to floor two.

2. Here you can find your tribe and some people from Vault 13. Talk to your elder to find out what happened and how to free your tribe. Be sure to mention that you have a ship so that they know where to escape. Next, take the stairs in the room next to the elder down to the third floor.

3. On this floor you will find a maze of nine rooms. Number the rooms one to nine, with number one being the room in the upper right, nine in the lower left, and four being the room that you can first enter.

1  2  3
4  5  6
7  8  9

Use the terminal in room four, then seven, and then in eight. You will then have access to the rooms in the north and the south. You can find a GECK in the room to the north. Take the GECK if you donít have one on you at the time. In the room to the south you can find another suit of Advance Power Armor, but this set has something like MKII after it. Take this armor and switch it with what you were wearing. This will provide you with the extra disguise that you'll need on the next floor. Now, use the terminals (in this order) in rooms 2, 4, 1, 4, 9, 6, and 3. Now, head to the east and take the stairs down to level four.

4. Once here, head to the room in the upper left. You should see a chemist here. Talk to him, but don't threaten him or pull your gun on him. When you get the chance, ask him about real humans. Keep him on the subject and you should eventually get the dialogue option that says something about change being the one universal constant (it's a long one). He'll then take a minute to think over the concept. Afterwards, he'll say that you are right. Tell him to destroy the toxin, and then ask him why that wouldn't work. Keep him on the subject, and he'll suggest destroying the Enclave by releasing the F.E.V. toxin into the air after inoculating you and the members of your tribe. Agree to the process.

5. Now, proceed to the upper right. You should then be able to find the President's office. He is the guy that is wearing a suit and is standing in front of a map of the world. You will have to kill him. I would suggest saving before you try killing him. One way to do this is to enter his office and close the doors. Go up and talk to him, but don't tell him that you're going to kill him. Next, turn on Sneak. Then, start combat and aim for the eyes. You should have no problem with killing him in one shot. Now, take a turn and then end combat. In case you don't want to finish him off that way, there is an alternate route. If you have enough Super StimPaks, you can just use a bunch of them on the President. The damage that he receives because of the Super Stims will kill him, providing that you used enough of them on him. I was able to kill him by using eight. Once he is dead, search his body and take the Presidential Access Key. Now head to the room behind his office and take the stairs down to the bottom floor.

6. Head to the room to the east that has three researchers in it. Push them away from the computers in the middle of the room, and then place some dynamite or an explosive device by one of the computers. This will destroy the reactor and cause a meltdown. (If you don't want to push the researchers away, you can always wait for the F.E.V. toxin to kill them, and then place the explosive device by the computers.)

7. Go to the fourth floor once again and head to the south. You should find some stairs here. Take them to the first floor. Then, head northwest to the part of the floor where you first entered. When you arrive here, talk to the man in the middle of the room you just entered. From him you should be able to find out about Frank Horrigan. Also, if you are good with conversations, you might be able to convince him to help you fight Frank. If you don't succeed at this, though, don't worry. You still stand a chance.

8. Head to the next door and use your sneak skill. Sneak along the south wall until you come to the computer. You might want to save before attempting this incase you are caught. Once at the console, you can talk to your guys and get them to rejoin you. Now, use the computer. Try accessing the help files, and then try downloading a later version of the files. After that, go back to the log on page and use the Presidential Access Key Required one (it may not say this exactly, but close enough). After that, access the Counter Insurgency and activate it. The turrets in the room will then start attacking Frank. If the turrets and your NPCs do enough damage, you won't have to do anything. However, I would suggest attacking Frank, too, just to help ensure that your NPCs don't die. Once Frank is dead, head out of the Enclave.

Congratulations, you have just won the game!

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