2004 Fallout Trivia Contest

     The 2004 Fallout Trivia Contest brought to you by The Radiated Society is over. The first three places go to the following people, followed by their scores:

Third place: Kahgan, 33 points
Second place: The Mad Cow, 41 points
First place: Arcy, 44 points

Congratulations to Arcy for winning the first annual trivia contest, and thanks to everyone who entered to make this a successful competition. Now, here are the questions once again, but this time the answers are given. For the multiple choice questions, the answers are in bold.

Again, thanks to all who entered. We'll see you next year!

Fallout 1 Questions

1) How many stimpaks can you find on the bookshelf in Razlo's place?
A) 2
B) 3
C) 4
D) 5

2) What is the affect of Buff-Out?
A) Strength increased by 2, Endurance increased by 2, Agility increased by 2
B) Strength increased by 2, Endurance increased by 2
C) Strength increased by 2, Endurance increased by 3, Agility increased by 2
D) Strength increased by 2, Endurance increased by 2, Agility increased by 1

3) How many pig rats can be found in Vault 15?
A) 5
B) 7
C) 9
D) 11

4) What is the number of the vault in Necropolis?
A) 15
B) 12
C) 8
D) 0

5) On which floor of the Children of the Cathedral's church can the Telsa Armor be found?
A) 4th (top)
B) 3rd
C) 2nd
D) 1st (base)

6) Which of the following is not a way to destroy the Master?
A) Plant explosives on him
B) Kill him directly through the use of weapons
C) Sneak to the bottom floor and detinate the nuclear bomb
D) Convince him to commit suicide

7) Where can you find the only Cats Paw in Fallout 1?
A) Junktown
B) The Hub
C) Necropolis
D) Boneyard

8) What is the name of the librarian in the Hub?
A) Becky
B) Beth
C) Mrs. Stapelton
D) Mrs. Stenson

9) What fatal injury caused Dogmeat's original owner to die?
A) Bullet to the heart
B) Broken neck
C) Heart attack
D) Ruptered colon

10) In Fallout, your character is actually the second person to be sent out for the Water Chip. What is the name of the first person that was sent?
A) Talius
B) Richard
C) Kenji
D) Tone

11) In which town can the person mentioned in Question 10 be found?
A) The Hub
B) Boneyard
C) Necropolis
D) Children of the Cathedral

12) In the Hub, you can get a job with the Crimson Caravan. Which of the following towns is not on one of their caravan routes?
A) Necropolis
B) Boneyard
C) Junktown
D) Shady Sands

13) In Junktown, Gizmo hires an assassin to kill Killian. What is the assassin's name?
A) Kenji
B) Talius
C) Morbius
D) The assassin is left nameless

14) What is the rank of the Brotherhood of Steel person that was being held captive in the Hub?
A) Initiate
B) Paladin
C) Knight
D) Scribe

15) What is the damage range for the Turbo Plasma Rifle?
A) 30-70
B) 30-75
C) 35-70
D) 35-75

16) Who founded the Brotherhood of Steel?  Roger Maxson

17) Which company made the Mr. Handy robot?  General Atomics International

18) In what year did Fallout win the RPG Of The Year award?  1998

19) What actor plays the voice of Killian Darkwater?  Richard Dean Anderson

20) What is the name of the mayor of Adytum?  John Zimmerman

21) How many key cards were there in the Glow?  four

22) From which vault was Richard Grey exiled?  eight

23) How fast does the Chryslus Corvega go from 0 to 60MPH?  0.5 seconds

24) What type of game are you challenged to play by the computer in the Glow?  chess

25) What is the most advanced energy weapon that can be found in the Glow?  plasma rifle

26) From what does the doctor of Shady Sands think Radscorpions evolved?  North American Emperor Scorpions

27) Which company produces mentats?  Med-tek

28) In what year did the Vault Dweller start his quest?  2161

29) How many representatives are there in the Hub's City Council?  six

30) Who is the head Paladin of the Brotherhood of Steel?  Rhombus

Fallout 2 Questions

1) How much 'money' does the Elder give you to start with? (assuming that you do not have an extremely low intelligence, which will result in no money at all)?
A) About 100
B) About 150
C) About 200
D) About 250

2) What is the name of your evil aunt who's hoarding the piece of flint?
A) Sandy
B) Moris
C) Barbra Streisand
D) Rizla

3) What is the effect of the Finesse trait?
A) +10% critical chance, minus damage
B) Plus one AP, minus damage
C) Plus one Perception, minus damage
D) Plus one damage, minus damage

4) How much do you have to pay to release Sulik if you choose to pay for him?
A) 200
B) 250
C) 300
D) 350

5) How much luck is minimum to pick the 'More Criticals' perk?
A) 4
B) 5
C) 6
D) 7

6) What is the maximum starting age?
A) 30
B) 35
C) 40
D) 45

7) How much experience points do you get for killing Metzger?
A) 250
B) 500
C) 750
D) 1000

8) The bridgekeeper's robes have the exact same stats as another armor in the game. Which one?
A) Metal Armor MII
B) Telsa Armor
C) Combat Armor
D) Power Armor

9) There is a Vault Tec logo in the southeast corner of the world map. There are two sets of alpha-numeric code on the top left and top right of the logo. One is 'L5-AA23'. What is the other one?
A) TC-357
B) TK-421
C) TB-322
D) TZ-342

10) What is the name of the solo female follower in the game?
A) Miria
B) Rizia
C) Katja
D) Beth

11) How many hypos do you find by the crashed Federation shuttle?
A) 2
B) 3
C) 4
D) 5

12) How many followers are there in the entire game?
A) 10
B) 11
C) 12
D) 13

13) You find a circuit card in the military base that allows you to gain one additional point to a specific primary skill. Which skill is it?
A) Strength
B) Intelligence
C) Endurance
D) Perception

14) Which of the following is not part of the 'Big Circle'?
A) Broken Hills
B) Redding
C) Vault City
D) Modoc

15) How many locations are there in Fallout 2 (not including random encounters)?
A) 16
B) 19
C) 22
D) 25

16) What is the name of the bartender at The Golden Gecko?  Sajag

17) In which city do you find the first starwars reference in the game?  Klamath

18) Which family owns the Cat's Paw whorehouse in New Reno?  Bishops

19) Which animals escaped from the West Tech research facility?  raccoons

20) The Vault 13 doctor thinks Deathclaws evolved from which animals?  chameleons

21) In which town is Melchior's son?  Redding

22) What term is Tandi serving as the President of NCR?  tenth

23) Why was the last pre-war President of the USA impeached?  jaywalking

24) What color is the reactor key found on the enclave trooper in Klamath?  yellow

25) What is the maximum damage of the Holy Hand Grenade?  500

26) Where does Gecko get the fuel for its reactor?  Broken Hills

27) What is the combination of the safe in the raider encampment?  11-16-27

28) How many condoms are in the raider's base?  five

29) What do you recieve for defeating Francis in arm wrestling?  power fist

30) Where does Tandi's son usually hang out?  Dusty's Cantina