2005 Fallout Trivia Contest

Welcome to the 2005 Fallout Trivia Contest brought to you by The Radiated Society! The contest is over and the results are in! First, though, I'd like to thank everyone who participated to make this contest a success. I'd like to give special thanks to Kharn over at No Mutants Allowed and DarkUnderlord at Duck and Cover for assisting with the promotion of the contest as well. Without their assistance, this contest would not have been such a great success. Now, without further ado, I present to you the top ten Fallout gurus!

Rank Name Points Bonus Points
1 Clinton Chalker 30 19
2 falloutguru 30 0
3 cOONIS 22 3
4 carpetbags 21 11
5 Andrew des Kase 21 0
6 BOS13 20 11
7 Olah Adam 19 3
8 m 19 0
8 namno 19 0
10 Carib FMJ 18 11

Congratulations to Clinton Chalker for winning this contest! For those of you who don't see your name on the list above and wish to know how well you did, click here for a complete list of results. Thanks again to all those who participated. Now, I'll leave you all with the answers to the multiple choice questions.

Fallout 1 Questions

1) What is the code to get into the mutant base?
A) 100395
B) 010597
C) 050485
D) 429823

2) What version is the Pest Control program on the computer in the mutant base?
A) v0.8
B) v1.0
C) v1.4
D) v1.6

3) What do you have to do to befriend the Khans?
A) Kill Aredesh
B) Kill the female prisoners
C) Assassinate Killian
D) Kidnap Tandi

4) What is the name of the boxer in Junktown?
A) Saul
B) Gustofer
C) Kenji
D) Butch

5) What is Lorenzo's last name?
A) Castellano
B) Gotti
C) Giovanni
D) Gambino

6) Which mutant in Necropolis will take you to see the Lieutenant?
A) Set
B) Morpheus
C) Henry
D) Harry

7) What gun does Sherriff Greene have on him?
A) 10mm SMG
B) 14mm Pistol
C) .44 Desert Eagle
D) .223 Pistol

8) What is the name of the water merchant guard that you find in the desert that was attacked by a deathclaw?
A) Joe
B) Trent
C) Seth
D) Jake

9) Which of the following is not sold by the shopkeeper at the Children of the Cathedral?
A) Mentats
B) Rad-X
C) Buffout
D) Psycho

10) How many caps are in Killian's safe?
A) 1000
B) 1575
C) 2050
D) 2120

Fallout 2 Questions

1. In which location can you find the cyberdog MKII?
A) Vault City
B) San Fran
C) Navarro
D) New California Republic

2. What is the number of the vault in Vault City?
A) 13
B) 8
C) 15
D) 12

3. What is the name of Balthas' son?
A) Johnny
B) Balthas Jr.
C) Karl
D) Jules

4. What weapon will Lo Pan use when you fight him in the ring?
A) 10mm SMG
B) 14mm Pistol
C) H&K G11
D) .223 Pistol

5. What stat will be increased by the module found in Sierra Army Depot?
A) Intelligence
B) Strength
C) Charisma
D) Perception

6. What do you get for finding Johnny in Modoc?
A) Combat Leather Jacket
B) Combat Armor
C) Leather Jacket
D) Leather Armor

7. In Gecko, you can find a ghoul that also makes an appearance in Fallout 1. What's his name?
A) Festus
B) Skeeter
C) Harold
D) Lenny

8. What is the effect of the Bruiser trait?
A) +2 Strength, -1 Action Point
B) +1 Strenght, -2 Action Points
C) +2 Strength, -2 Action Points
D) +1 Strength, -1 Action Point

9. What is Myron's main skill?
A) Science
B) Repair
C) Small Guns
D) Doctor

10. What was the New California Republic called in Fallout 1?
A) Junktown
B) The Hub
C) Shady Sands
D) The Glow

Fallout Tactics Questions

1) What is the name of the Quartermaster at Bunker Beta?
A) Octavius
B) Arugula
C) Hassan
D) Caligari

2) How many rounds of 9mm do you start with in the default campaign without tagging small guns?
A) 12
B) 56
C) 48
D) 72

3) Who did the voice for General Dekker?
A) R. Lee Ermey
B) Dwight Schultz
C) Kurtwood Smith
D) John Mariano

4) What was the name of the Mayor's assistant in Quincy?
A) Arlene
B) Hillary
C) Evita
D) Elliot

5) In which main mission (not bunker, random, or special encounter) can you first find a Laser Pistol?
A) Kansas City
B) Jefferson
C) Junction City
D) Great Bend

6) Which Character doesn't have a genuine robot part in Junction City?
A) John
B) Rick
C) Juan
D) Chuck

7) FOT contains numerous references to which 80's TV show?
A) Miami Vice
B) A-Team
C) Knight Rider
D) Manimal

8) How many ring pulls are available in the Brahmin Poker special encounter
A) 22691
B) 19226
C) 29162
D) 26192

9) Which country developed the Gauss Gattling?
A) Mexico
B) Germany
C) Canada
D) China

10) How many possible special encounters are there?
A) 25
B) 21
C) 29
D) 28