2006 Fallout Trivia Contest

Welcome to the 2006 Fallout Trivia Contest brought to you by The Radiated Society! The contest is over and the results are in! First, though, I'd like to thank everyone who participated to make this contest a success. It's loyal fans like you that help make this contest a success each year and motivate us at TRS to continue it in the future. Now, without further ado, I present to you the top ten Fallout gurus!

Rank Name Points Bonus Points
1 Stapes 25 3
2 deuce almacogintio 24 5
3 PIPBoy2000 23 7
4 harry 23 5
5 MikMan 23 3
6 Brian 22 5
7 Kongo 21 8
8 jeremy 21 6
9 DGT@NMA 21 3
10 Spongo 21 0

Congratulations to Stapes for winning this contest! For those of you who don't see your name on the list above and wish to know how well you did, click here for a complete list of results. Thanks again to all those who participated. Now, I'll leave you all with the answers to the multiple choice questions.

Fallout 1 Questions

1) Which of the following items cannot be found in Vault 15?
A) Grenade (Frag)
B) Crowbar
C) First Aid Kit
D) Sledgehammer

2) Which energy weapon can be found in Necropolis?
A) Laser Pistol
B) Plasma Pistol
C) Alien Blaster
D) Laser Rifle

3) The Boneyard is built on the ruins of which pre-war city?
A) Los Angeles
B) San Francisco
C) Sacramento
D) Santa Ana

4) Which of the following is not a Scav?
A) Katja
B) Samuel
C) Taylor
D) Lorraine

5) In which town do you find a dog named Sasha?
A) Boneyard
B) Hub
C) Necropolis
D) Children of the Cathedral

6) Which NPC hates dogs?
A) Ian
B) Tycho
C) Katja
D) Tandi

7) What species was used as a test group for FEV in an experiment on May 9, 2025?
A) Flatworm
B) Rat
C) Chimpanzee
D) Human

8) In the Brotherhood of Steel, Kyle has a problem getting a systolic motivator because the armour that needs it is said not to be up to specs. Why is this?
A) The micro-fusion reactor was replaced
B) One of the polymers was replaced
C) The eye-piece was resoddered
D) The cooling system was reinstalled

9) How many days extra time do you get if you buy some water in the Hub?
A) 50
B) 100
C) 150
D) 200

10) What is in the skeleton by the Vault 13 door?
A) Knife and drugs
B) Medkit and 10mm ammo
C) AP ammo and a knife
D) Nothing

Fallout 2 Questions

1) How many crime families are there in New Reno?
A) 2
B) 3
C) 4
D) 5

2) What is the name of the narrator of the ending story and the 'War, War Never changes' speech?
A) Ron Pearlman
B) Tim Cain
C) Brian Fargo
D) Chris Jones

3) What is the name of Vic's daughter in Vault City?
A) Cassandra
B) Mira
C) Cassidy
D) Valerie

4) How many floors does Vault 8 have?
A) 1
B) 2
C) 3
D) 4

5) In Fallout 2 you find out the true name of The Master. What is it?
A) Richard Red
B) Rechard Grey
C) Richard Green
D) Richard Black

6) How many highwaymen (the car brand) are there in the game?
A) 1
B) 2
C) 3
D) 4

7) In the game, there's a character whom you can ask to cut off their pinky finger. Who is it?
A) Jo
B) McClure
C) Becky
D) Little Jesus

8) In how many locations can you encounter talking deathclaws?
A) 1
B) 2
C) 3
D) 4

9) Which party member will refuse to join you if you're a slaver (besides Sulik)?
A) Cassidy
B) Marcus
C) Goris
D) Mira

10) There is only one pre-war city that was untouched by the bombs. Which one?
A) Klamath
C) San Francisco
D) New Reno

Fallout Tactics Questions

1) What was the name of the Paladin that greets the recruits in the opening cinematic?
A) Reicheck
B) Barnaky
C) Solo
D) Stevens

2) Who are the first two squad members you have?
A) Stitch, Jax
B) Brian, Hurt
C) Farsight, Brian
D) Farsight, Stitch

3) What alphabet do the BOS Bunkers follow?
A) Roman
B) English
C) Phonetic
D) Greek

4) What BOS character is found dead in Scott City?
A) General Decker
B) General Barnacky
C) Paladin Solo
D) Paladin Lancealot

5) In what mission do you get the APC?
A) Scott City
B) Kansas City
C) St. Louis
D) Osceolla

6) Name the squads that appear in missions alongside you, in order.
A) Talon Squad, Grail Squad, Dagger Squad
B) Grail Squad, Fang Squad, Shadow Squad
C) Repo Squad, Fang Squad, Smear Squad
D) Smear Squad, Dagger Squad, Talon Squad

7) What is the name of General Barnacky’s wife?
A) Maria
B) Samantha
C) Elizabeth
D) Babs

8) Who runs the gang of thugs whom you defeat in Coldwater?
A) Guido
B) Tony
C) Markus
D) Abraham

9) Which Paladin, through floating text, invites you to join him on the shooting range someday?
A) Paladin Solo
B) Paladin Lancealot
C) Paladin Decker
D) Paladin Reicheck

10) What weapon is based on Reaver technology for use in the final campaign?
A) Gauss Rifle
B) Pulse Rifle
C) Laser Rifle
D) Plasma Rifle