2007 Fallout Trivia Contest

Welcome to the 2007 Fallout Trivia Contest brought to you by The Radiated Society! The contest is over and the results are in! First, though, I'd like to thank everyone who participated to make this contest a success. It's loyal fans like you that help make this contest a success each year and motivate us at TRS to continue it in the future. Now, without further ado, I present to you the top ten Fallout gurus!

Rank Name Points
1 Arcy 23
1 Triskaine 23
1 Ash 23
4 jazzik 22
5 PIP2K 21
5 C.B. 21
5 RS 21
5 korko_czong 21
5 LY 21
10 DGT 20

Congratulations to Arcy, Triskaine, and Ash for scoring the most points in this contest! For those of you who don't see your name on the list above and wish to know how well you did, click here for a complete list of results. Thanks again to all those who participated. Now, I'll leave you all with the answers.

Fallout 1 Questions

1) Which item can be used to protect the player in the Master's hallway?
A) Psychic Beacon
B) Psychic Blocker
C) Psychic Protector
D) Psychic Nullifier

2) Where in the list of 'bogus' credits for Fallout is this quote from: "I wasn't wearing anything the first time I won the game"?
A) Number 3
B) Number 10
C) Number 15
D) Last One

3) How much experience do you get for stopping the Rad Scorpions from attacking Shady Sands (not counting the experience the scorpions yield themselves)?
A) 300
B) 350
C) 400
D) 500

4) How many rats are there in the Vault 13 cave?
A) 14
B) 21
C) 19
D) 9

5) How much HP does the raider leader Gnarl have?
A) 80
B) 45
C) 75
D) 90

6) What weapons can be found in Vault 15?
A) 10mm SMG and a knife
B) 10mm SMG and a spear
C) 10mm SMG and 10mm Pistol
D) 10mm SMG and Hunting Rifle

7) Killian mentions another gang to the north. What is the name of the gang?
A) The Khans
B) The Skullz
C) The Bloodz
D) The Vipers

8) Next to the mutant Lieutenant at the toxic vat vault stands a man clad in purple robes. What is his name?
A) Van Hagen
B) Van Haggen
C) Von Hagen
D) Van Halen

9) Ian has an irritating habit. What is it?
A) Shoot you in the back
B) Never wear the armours you give him
C) Stand in your way and block entrances
D) Shoot other friendly NPCs

10) Butch, leader of the Far Go Traders at the Hub is extremely frightened of something. What is it?
A) The watermerchants
B) Raiders
C) Rad Scorpions
D) Deathclaws

Fallout 2 Questions

1) What is the name of the little boy outside the Cats Paw in New Reno?
A) Jules
B) Fred
C) Charlie
D) Cody

2) The slave master at the Den is called Metzger, which is a German word. What does it mean in English?
A) Enforcer
B) Strangler
C) Butcher
D) Crowbar

3) How many shots does a Magnum modified iwth speed-loader hold when fully loaded?
A) 7
B) 10
C) 8
D) 6

4) What is the name of the slave in the cellar of New Reno Arms?
A) Algernon
B) Alan
C) Albert
D) Alfonse

5) Finish this sentence: "When your skin is lacking that special glow, choose..."
A) ... Rutgot
B) ... Roentgen Rum
C) ... Gamma Gulp Beer
D) ... Nuka Cola

6) If you kill Metzger, Becky the bar keeper offers to do which of the following?
A) Sleep with you
B) Give you a beer on the house
C) Give you credit at the tables
D) Pay you 1000 chips

7) Which of the Morton brothers guard the elevator entrance to the Great Wannamingo Mine in Redding?
A) Snake Morton
B) Frog Morton
C) Toad Morton
D) Newt Morton

8) What is the name of the Chop Shop Boyz chief in New Reno?
A) T-bone
B) T-steak
C) T-ray
D) X-ray

9) What's the name of Miss Buckner's slave/boy in Klamath?
A) Sulik
B) Thor
C) Standing-fist
D) Hakunin

10) How much experience do you get for killing Darion, the raider chief of Vault 15?
A) 4000
B) 6000
C) 5000
D) 10,000

11) What is the name of the slave master in the NCR bazaar?
A) Vortis
B) Victor
C) Vlad
D) Vorman

12) How many hit points does a super duper mutant have?
A) 100
B) 110
C) 120
D) 150

13) What is the name of your third kickboxing challenger in San Francisco?
A) Rube
B) Jimmy
C) Zurak
D) Herb

14) Where in Fallout 2 can you find a human spleen?
B) Vault City
C) Sierra Army Depot
D) San Francisco

15) What is the strength requirement for joining the Mordino family in New Reno?
A) 5
B) 7
C) 6
D) 4

16) The crushed whale encounter is a reference to what?
A) Terry Pratchett - The Flying Whale
B) Frank Herbert - Dune
C) Julius Ceasar - Military Essays
D) Douglas Adams - The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

17) Where can you find a ghost?
A) The Den
C) Vault City
D) Redding

18) Salvatore's Lieutenant has a set of sunglasses on him. Where is the second set found?
A) Sierra Army Depot
B) Random encounger with the unwashed villagers (on Buffy)
C) Redding - Great Wannamingo Mine
D) Golgotha, New Reno

19) What happens if you eat your sixth toe?
A) You gain experience and get poisoned
B) You gain experience and get poisoned and radiated
C) You gain experience and loose 5HP
D) You get poisoned

20) Which of these types of ammunition does the HK P90C use?
B) 10mm JHP or AP
C) .44 Magnum JHP or AP
D) 5mm AP/JHP